Don’t believe in keyword density anymore

What is a good keyword density?

Keyword density is a keyword optimization factor that indicates the number of times a target keyword is used on a web page. This is the percentage that represents the number of keywords compared to the number of words on the page. Keyword density can be used by a signal search engine to determine if a piece of content is relevant to a particular keyword or phrase.
Keyword density is a keyword optimization factor that indicates the number of times a target keyword is used on a web page.

Remind everyone, especially the new webmaster, don’t believe in keyword density anymore. In fact, keyword density is used to pit fathers. You don’t have to talk about pitting dead. In order to ensure keyword density, making an article dense is all keywords. Articles There is no way to look at it. Add where you should add it, and add where you should not. This behavior is a naked provocation to the user experience.

I think so about the question of keyword density.

First: If an article does not manually set the description tag, it is recommended that keywords appear in the top part of the article. If an article has the description tag manually set, just put the keyword in the description. As for the keyword in You don’t need to care about the position of the article, as long as it appears.

Second: The position of the keyword must be reasonable. It should appear only when it appears, but it should not appear when it should not appear. However, looking at many articles now, it really hurts. You can find it if it is suitable or inappropriate. Insert keywords in this position, where is doing SEO, it is simply spoiling SEO, it seems that many people still have a very shallow understanding of SEO.

Third: Keyword density is just a legend. So far, Baidu has never mentioned the impact of keyword density on SEO.

The so-called keyword density is just a rumour in the world. From the perspective of Duan Wenjie’s SEO blog, it is never the most suitable. Keyword density, only the most reasonable keyword density, unreasonable keyword density will only affect the user experience.

No search engine has stipulated that the keyword density must be a few percent, and it must be kept at a few percents. As for the keyword density, it should be based on the actual needs of the article. A good article is a good article, and a junk article is a junk article. A keyword appears only once in a good article. It is also a good article. No matter how many keywords appear in a junk article, it is still a junk article.