E-mailing outside of CompuServe

E-mailing outside of CompuServe

E-mailing outside of CompuServe

There are many other networks that manage e-mail, and each and every one uses a different addressing scheme. Fortunately, you normally don’t have to do anything special in order to receive e-mail from other networks; you do, however, have to learn some new addressing schemes in order to send mail from CompuServe.

In most cases, about all you have to do differently when e-mailing outside of CompuServe is to make sure you have the right address. Because every network and online service uses a different addressing scheme, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. This chapter shows you the proper way to address mail to users who aren’t on CompuServe.

Sending mail to other online services

CompuServe isn’t the only commercial online service in the U.S., and none of the other commercial services talk directly to each other. Fortunately, we have the Internet to act as a go-between for messages sent between services.
To send mail to a user of another service, you need to know the person’s user ID (which should be similar to your CompuServe user ID). This is, in effect, the person’s e-mail address. To send him or her mail, type the user ID, followed by an @ sign, followed by the Internet domain name for the service he or she uses.

I’ll talk about sending Internet e-mail later in this chapter. For now, learn the addressing schemes for the popular commercial services listed in Table 6.2.

Service                      Address Format

America Online                           INTERNET:[email protected]

BIX                                           INTERNET:[email protected]

CIX                                             INTERNET:[email protected]

GEnie                                        INTERNET:[email protected]

GNN                                         INTERNET:[email protected]

The Microsoft Network               INTERNET:[email protected]

Prodigy                                     INTERNET:[email protected]

WOW!                                        INTERNET:[email protected]

Having read the preceding section, you should have an understanding of how Internet e-mail is addressed. In general, to send e-mail from CompuServe to someone on the Internet, use the following address form:


By adding INTERNET: before the Internet address, you instruct CompuServe Mail to send this message out to the Internet and then to the address specified.

If you want to get more specific, however, an Internet address is really comprised of three specific parts:

[email protected] domain

Each part of the address has a specific function.

  • username is the recipient’s Internet username. (For example, my Internet username is mmiller, which happens to be my first initial and my last name run together.)
  • @ separates the username from the domain address.