Educational institutions in Wuhan the first city affected by Corona, are set to open next week

Educational institutions in Wuhan, the first city affected by Corona, are set to open next week
The outbreak of the new coronavirus began in Wuhan, the city of China most affected by the Code 19, but has now announced plans to open educational institutions there next week.

The local government announced August 20 that 2,842 educational institutions across the city would reopen on Tuesday (September 1st) and about 1.4 million students would return, while Wuhan University would reopen on August 31. ۔

Plans have also been drawn up for emergencies, and online education will be resumed as the threat increases, the local administration said.

Students will be instructed to wear face masks while attending and teaching at educational institutions and to avoid public transport as much as possible.

Schools have been instructed to collect code 19 protection devices as well as conduct drills and training sessions to prepare for a new wave of epidemics.

Educational institutions have also been instructed to prevent unnecessary gatherings and submit reports to medical officials on a daily basis.

Officials said foreign students and teachers who did not receive notices from their educational institutions would not be allowed to return.

The Code 19 epidemic is thought to have started in Wuhan, where a severe lockdown was imposed in January that lasted more than two months.

Code 19 killed 3,869 people in Wuhan.

However, since April, the situation has returned to normal and the first lockdown has been lifted, while no new cases of corona virus have been reported locally in the city since May 18.