Job satisfaction causes a series of on fluencies on various aspects of organization life some of item such as the influence of job satisfaction on employee productivity loyalty and absenteeism are analyzed as parity of this text. The preponderance of research widened indicates that there is no strong leakage between satisfaction and productivity. For example analyses of the research literature find only a 17 test estimate correction between job satisfaction and productivity. For example a comprehensive Meta-analysis of research literature finals only a 17 best estimate correlation between job satisfaction and productivity satisfied worker well not necessarily to the highest producers. pdf

These are many possible moderating variable the most important of which seems to be rewards. It people receive rewards they feel are equitable they will be satisfied and this is likely to result in greater performance effort.

Job satisfaction represent one of the most complex areas facing to say manager it comes to managing their employer. Although thousands of papers and research have been conducted on job satisfaction all over the world.

There is considerable impact of the employed perceptions for the nature of his work and the level of overall job satisfaction on financial compilation has a great impact on the overall job satisfaction of employed job satisfaction employee has been defined in many different ways. Some believe it is simply how content on individual is which his job in other words weather or not they like the job or individual aspects or work or supervision.

Allowing are the facts to in create the job satisfaction.

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  2. Org commandment
  3. Job performance

There is no concern us regarding this issue among authors Herbert two factor theory is possibly the most often cited point of view.Infact the main idea is that employees in their work environment are under the influence of factors that cause job satisfaction and factors that cause job dissatisfaction.

Factors of job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is under the influence of a series of factors such as the nature of work salary advancement opportunities management work group and work conditions a somewhat are job different approach regarding the factors of job satisfaction is provided by rule and bars

Manager concerns for people

Job Design


Working conditions

Social relationship

Perceived long rang opportunities

Perceived Opportunities

Levels of as privation

Job satisfaction /dissatisfaction




Turn over absenteeism



When talking about factors of job satisfaction the fact that they can aloe cous job Dissatisfaction must be kept in mind therefore the issue weather job satisfaction. And excludable phenomena.