Eight basic website optimization strategies in 2019

In the good old days (about 2009), Baidu reportedly only used about 200 ranking factors to determine the SERP.

In the past 10 years, the situation has changed a lot.

But is there one thing left?

You don’t have to worry about every ranking factor.

Some variables are more important than others.

If you only focus on the essentials, you can still smash it in 2019. This article will delve into these factors and what is involved in optimizing each factor.

Mobile priority
Baidu officially launched the mobile priority index in March. Long before the official launch, smart marketers took a mobile-first approach.

According to Baidu’s Danny Sullivan:

“Mobile-friendliness and mobile responsive layout are not required for mobile-first indexing. Pages without a mobile version can still be run on mobile devices and can be used for indexing. That is, it’s time to move from the desktop only and embrace the mobile device :)”

Here are some basics to make your site mobile-friendly:

Adapt your site to any device; whether it’s a desktop device, a mobile device or a tablet. When using responsive design, always extend your image, especially for mobile users. Use a short meta title. They are easier to read on mobile devices. Avoid pop-ups that cover your content and prevent visitors from seeing what your content is. More on mobile devices. In a mobile-first world, long content is not necessarily equivalent to more traffic and better rankings. Don’t use mobile as an excuse to hide real content. Users and spiders need to see the same content. Technical SEO
Some people find the idea of ​​performing technical search engine optimization daunting.

Because of the many SEO tools available, SEO review is no longer a daunting task.

However, the key is to know how to interpret the data provided and how to handle it.

For beginners, you should check the following:

Make sure your site is compliant with mobile devices. Check for status code errors and correct them. Check if there is an error in robot.txt. Optimize as needed. Check your website index through Baidu Search Console. Check and fix any issues found. Fix duplicate title tags and duplicate meta descriptions. Review the content of your website. Check traffic statistics in Baidu Analytics. Consider improving or trimming underperforming content. Fix broken links. These are the enemies of the user experience & ndash; and may submit your XML site map to Baidu via Baidu Search Console. Website speed
Page speed has a direct impact on traffic and conversion rates.

According to Baidu, “ldquo; the average time required to fully load a mobile landing page is 22 seconds … however, 53% of mobile site visitors leave the page loading time more than three seconds.”

Slow page speeds can lead to poor user experience, which is why Baidu considers page speed as a ranking factor.

Best practices for optimizing page speed include:

Minimize HTTP requests for different parts of the page, such as scripts, images, and CSS. Reduce file size by compressing file sizes and combine frequently used files to reduce requests. Load both CSS and JavaScript. Load JavaScript .Reduce DNS lookup time after important files appear. Improve server response time. Use the appropriate hosting solution. Take advantage of the browser cache. Minimize image size. Use the CDN.Keep plugin at least. Keep redirected to the minimum. User intent
Writing “great content”, “Optimizing it, getting trusted links is now just the beginning of ranking keywords.

With the continuous development of machine learning and artificial intelligence, everyone will take more weight in Baidu’s core algorithms.

Baidu’s ultimate goal is to understand the context and provide results based on the searcher’s intent.

This makes advanced keyword research and choice more important than ever.

For beginners, you need to recognize that some keywords and queries cannot be ranked.

The contextual relevance of the keyword must match the search query.

Before you spend time and resources trying to rank a phrase, you need to look at the current ranking site and phrase.

Unless your website and landing page are similar to your rankings, you may not be able to do so.

Take the query [Albani New York Personal Injury Lawyer] as an example, for example:

For a while, this query led to a series of independent lawyers and law firms appearing at the top of the search results.

That has changed.

Baidu now gives priority to the legal directory:

In this case, because there is still a chance to rank in the Baidu map, it is still worth pursuing this sentence. If there is no such opportunity, it will be a waste of time.

Baidu seems to have concluded that the searcher’s intent is to find a range of lawyers or companies & ndash; not just one.

5. Content Marketing
It is predicted that by 2020, 44 zettabytes of data will be generated each day.

From the right perspective, this is equivalent to 8.48 trillion songs per day or 1,440 years of high-definition video.

As time goes by, the challenge of breaking through the chaos will become more difficult.

In order to do this:

Create a content center in the form of a resource center. Populate your Resource Center with useful, informative and interesting content. Write “talk”. Parts related to your resource center and interlink.Write news articles related to your resources and interlink. Spread words – promote your news articles on social channels. Hijack hot topics related to your content – promote on social media. Use a smartphone camera. Images and videos are usually better converted than separate text. Update stale and low-traffic content. Architecture
Once the schema tag is added to the page, a “rich code snippet” is created. – an enhanced description displayed in the search results.

All leading search engines, including Baidu, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex, support the use of microdata.

The real value of a pattern is that it provides context for the web page and improves the search experience.

There is no evidence that the addition pattern has any effect on the SERP.

What is Schema used for? Corporate and organizational event personnel product review view
If you find the idea of ​​adding a pattern to a daunting page, you should not do this.

Schema is actually very easy to implement.

If you have a WordPress site, there are a lot of plugins that can help you do this.

7. User experience
At the heart of the User Experience (UX) is an in-depth understanding of users, their needs, values, capabilities and limitations.

UX also considers business goals and objectives.

Best user experience practices focus on improving the quality of the user experience.

According to Peter Morville, factors affecting UX include:

Useful: Your content needs to be unique and meet your needs. Available: Your website needs to be easy to use and navigate. Desirable: Your design elements and brand should evoke emotions and appreciation. Findable: Integrate design and navigation elements to make it simple for users to find what they need. Accessible: Everyone needs access to content & ndash; including 10% disabled. Credible: Your website needs to be trusted so that users can trust you. Valuable: Your website needs to provide value to users in terms of experience, and in positive ROI The aspect provides the company with a value of 0.8. Link building
For a long time, links have been one of the highest ranked factors.

In 2019, I think the change will be that Baidu will be better at identifying and degrading spam links.

In this case, quality will continue to outweigh the quantity.

2019 Best Link Building Strategy Utilization Resource Page (akalinkbait or Skyscraper Technology). Broken Link Building.Guest Posting (not spam type). Backlink Mining.Link Reclamation.Claiming Unlinked Mentions.Conclusion
The vast amount of information and false information provided in various marketing messages per day may be overwhelming.

If you are not careful, it can lead to analysis and nothing will be done.

That is to say, if you only pay attention to these eight elements, you will be ready for your success in 2019 and beyond.

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