Finding Windows files with the Windows File Finder

Finding Windows files with the Windows File Finder

Windows File Finder

The Windows File Finder is the part of the PC File Finder that searches for Windows-related programs only. It works just like the PC File Finder; GO WINFF to access it.

Finding graphics files with the Graphics File Finder

The quickest and easiest way to find graphics files is with CompuServe’s Graphics File Finder (GO GRAPHFF). File Finder is a database of file de­scriptions from CompuServe’s various graphics forums; you can conveniently search it with keywords. It is designed to provide quick and easy access to graphics files across the CompuServe service.

Graphics File Finder works exactly the same as PC File Finder. Just enter your search criteria and begin your search. Because CompuServe has literally hundreds of thousands of graphics images available in its libraries, the Graphics File Finder is the best way to search for pictures when you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for.


You can also preview CompuServe images in the libraries of the Graphics Visual Index Forum (GO GRFINDEX). These libraries include low-resolution “thumbnails” that can be displayed as many as 24 images to a page; virtually all CompuServe graphics can be previewed from this forum.

Finding games files with Games File Finder

The Games File Finder works just like the other File Finders, but it searches CompuServe’s forums for games and games-related files. GO GAMESFF to access this File Finder.

Finding adult files with Adult File Finder

CompuServe offers a separate File Finder for adult-oriented files. Adult File Finder (GO ADULTFF) works the same as the other File Finders; it searches a select group of adult-related forums.

Finding files on ZDNet

All of the previously mentioned File Finders work on the CompuServe service itself. However, if you want to search for files on the related ZDNet service, you need to use the ZDNet-specific File Finder. GO ZNT:FILEFIND to search for files on ZDNet.