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Fine-tuning your script, forum by forum

Fine-tuning your script, forum by forum

Once you’ve dragged all the forums and services you want into the Script Editor window, it’s time to determine just what you want CSNav to do in each service. Although there are lots of things you could do, I’ll give you my recommendations for what you should do.
In my opinion, the best CSNav script is a two-pass script. On the first pass, you have CSNav perform essential operations (such as retrieving and sending e-mail, grabbing weather reports, and so on) and then you go to the selected forums to download message headers. On the second pass, you have CSNav retrieve messages you marked when you were offline between the two passes.

How do you instruct CSNav to do all of this? Begin by scrolling to the top of your script, to the CompuServe Mail item. Note that there are two boxes next to certain operations; these boxes are for the first pass (left) and the second pass (right). When a box is checked, that operation is activated for that pass. Because you’ll probably want to retrieve and send e-mail messages on both passes, check both boxes: Create Mail Message and Retrieve Mail.


If you don’t see two check boxes (for two passes), you need to
reconfigure CSNav for two-step operations. See the section “Configuring Navigator” earlier in this chapter for instructions.


When a file folder icon is closed and has a + on it, you must “open” (expand) the folder to see any subsidiary operations. You do this by clicking the folder icon. You can also click an open folder icon, which has a – on it, to close (contract) it.

Next, move to your first forum item. Expand the Message Commands item and then expand the Summarize Messages item. Click the left check box next
to Since and then click the related arrow button. When the Search for Message Summaries dialog box appears (see Fig. 10.2), select which sections in that forum you want CSNav to visit. Click OK when you’re done.


If you’re visiting a forum for the first time, only section numbers will appear in the Search for Message Summaries dialog box. Once you’ve visited that forum, section names will appear.

Fine-tuning your script, forum by forum

Move down and expand the Retrieve Messages item, and then expand the
Marked Items folder. Click the right check box next to the Marked folder.

TIP Any items that appear in green text have tasks that will be performed on the current pass. Any items with red text have tasks that will not be performed this pass because the corresponding box has not been checked. Any items with blue text have tasks that will not be performed on the current pass but that will be performed on the next pass.

Fine-tuning your script

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