For every user who comes to the SEO blog

This article is written for every user who comes to the SEO blog. Thank you for coming to my SEO blog. No matter what channel you came through, I express a warm welcome. If you have time, you can listen to me. A few words, I would appreciate it.

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First of all, I want to say that this is not a very technical SEO blog, and I don’t have super SEO technology, but I assure you that every article you see here is written with my heart. Yes, it represents my own opinion on SEO, and many of them are actual combat experience. As for whether these experiences are 100% correct, I am not sure, but at least it represents my understanding of SEO.

Some people report that the knowledge I share is too simple, and it is all very common SEO knowledge. There is no bright spot. I admit this, but what I want to say is that SEO is basically the accumulation of some basic knowledge. Basic work will naturally do a good job of SEO. If you want to find an absolute SEO technique, I regret to tell you that no one can satisfy you.

There is also the issue of piracy. If you are here to exchange and study, I will raise my hands and welcome. If you come to collect piracy, please leave immediately. I am a copyright-conscious person. Even if my article is bad, it’s because I used the keyboard to type it out word by word, which represents my own hard work. Please keep pirates away from my SEO blog and respect it. Original copyright.

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About a week ago, I found that a website had been pirating my articles, so he wrote an article warning this pirated website. The next day he came to contact me and asked me to delete this article. I asked him to pirate my articles. All the articles were deleted. He didn’t agree. He just said that I would not pirate my articles in the future. The benevolent me responded to his request. This was the first compromise in my life.

Here, Duan Wenjie, SEO wishes all SEOER wishes to accomplish everything, create a career of their own, and have a bright future. No matter how far the road is, how difficult it is, don’t give up easily. Just believe in yourself and strive for it, The dream will always be realized, you are not alone on the way to the future, because I am accompanied along the way.