Get the latest quotes from CompuServe

Get the latest quotes from CompuServe

Get the latest quotes from CompuServe

Get the latest quotes from CompuServe

You can get quotes in many ways from CompuServe. It all depends on what kind of information you want and what you’re willing to pay.

To look up stock ticker symbols, GO LOOKUP. To look up commodity symbols, GO CSYMBOL.

Find CompuServe’s basic quotes

When you click CompuServe’s Quote button, you get access to the basic stock quote service. With this service, you can get current quotes on stock prices, including volume, high/ask, low/bid, last, change, and time of last trade or quote. These quotes are delayed by at least 15 minutes during the trading day.

When you click the Quotes button, the Stock Quotes dialog box appears (see Fig. 16.1). This dialog box lists all your favorite stocks and lets you obtain quotes and performance charts for any and all listed stocks.

First, of course, you need to add some stocks to your list. CompuServe stores your stock issues in folders that you create.

To create a new folder, click the Edit Folders button. In the Maintain Folders
dialog box, click the Add button, enter the name of your folder, and click OK.

To add stocks to your folders, select the folder in the main folder list and then click the New button. Type the stock symbol in the Issue symbol box and click OK, and the stock is added to the folder. You can get an “instant quote” by typing a stock symbol in the box at the bottom of the Stock Quotes dialog box and clicking the Get Quote button

Find CompuServe’s basic quotes

Get a snapshot of the current market

Portfolio Valuation (GO PORT) tracks the value of your portfolio. After you enter the issues in your portfolio, the number of shares held, and the purchase price, Portfolio Valuation produces a report detailing the current value of your portfolio.


Several commercial software programs are also available that automatically retrieve stock information from CompuServe and create customized reports for your personal portfolio. One to check out is the $39.95 StockTracker from Virgil Corporation (call 1-800-662-8256 or GO STOCKTRADER).

Get a snapshot of the current market

CompuServe’s Current Market Snapshot (GO SNAPSHOT) provides a one-page report of statistics and key indicators that give you a “snapshot” of the current market. A Snapshot report is a pretty good overview of the entire stock market. There are more detailed reports available on CompuServe, however, such as Market Highlights. Snapshot is more valuable to the casual investor or to someone who’s just interested in today’s overall stock market performance.

Highlight market performance in another way

Market Highlights (GO MARKET) is similar to Snapshot , but it gives more detailed reports of the day’s market activity. If you’re a serious investor, you’ll probably prefer Market Highlights to Snapshot. The frequency of reports and the level of detail available from Market Highlights make it

a better overview for those who are really interested in the market.

Rate your bonds

CompuServe’s Bonds Listing service (GO BONDS) displays all active bonds for a company. Included in the report are quality ratings from both S&P and Moody’s.

Get complete market info, all in one place

Perhaps the most detailed daily market reports are available from News­A-Tron Market Reports (GO NAT ). Here you have access to numerous reports, prices, and analyses on selected commodities and market indexes. Just look at the reports available:

  • Daily Petro Analysis
  • Petro Crack and Rack Spreads
  • Cash Metal Prices and Analysis
  • Currency Analysis and Cash Forex Prices
  • Credit Market Analysis and Technical Indications
  • Indications of Domestic and International Rates
  • Grains Report and Cash Prices
  • Livestock and Meat Report
  • Foreign Exchange Quotes
  • Dow Industrial News and Analysis
  • S&P Index News and Analysis
  • KC Value Line News and Analysis
  • Stock Index News and Quotes
  • Economic Calendar of Events
  • Trend vest Stock Market Summary
  • Trend vest Stock Market Indicators
  • Trend vest Highest Stock and Fund Ratings
  • Trend vest Lowest Stock and Fund Ratings
  • Tax Free Money Funds
  • General Purpose Money Funds
  • Government Only Money Funds

News-A-Tron is definitely the service for serious investors. It’s hard to imagine that a person would need any information not available through this service!

Get investment advice from VESTOR

VESTOR (GO VESTOR) is a combination of services designed to assist

your investment decisions and your portfolio management. VESTOR reports analyze more than 7,000 stocks, offering buy/sell recommendations and predicting future stock performance.

Track an issue, singularly

For a more detailed report of a stock issue’s history, use CompuServe’s Issue Pricing History service (GO PRICES). This service gives you a day-by-day, week-by-week, or month-by-month history of an issue’s pricing, up to a 12-year period.

Track dividends pays dividends

CompuServe’s Dividends, Splits, Interest service (GO DIVIDENDS) provides information for a given issue over a given period.

Track price and volume

Pricing Statistics (GO PRISTATS) provides a snapshot of an issue’s price and volume performance over a given period. Pricing Statistics also shows the percent change of the stock’s performance over that period.

Perform an in-depth analysis

Perhaps the most detailed analysis for individual stocks and bonds is available from CompuServe’s Detailed Issue Examination service

(GO EXAMINE). Nearly everything you want to know about a stock’s performance is included in this service’s reports.

Track your funds, mutually

Money magazine’s FundWatch Online (GO FUNDWATCH) lets you analyze more than 1,900 mutual funds. The Money magazine service offers the FundWatch database, which you can use to screen funds. With this database you use various criteria to find the best funds for your investment needs. FundWatch provides very detailed tracking of these funds.

Even more information and analysis

If you want background information on any company you’re considering investing in, you can turn to a variety of CompuServe’s services. These services include both up-to-the-minute news services and massive historical databases.

Among the available services are:

  • Basic Company Snapshot (GO BASCOMPAN)
  • Business Database Plus (GO BUSDB)
  • Company Analyzer (GO ANALYZER)
  • Company Screening (GO COSCREEN)
  • Disclosure SEC (GO DISCLOSURE)
  • Executive News Service (GO ENS)
  • Hoover’s Company Database (GO HOOVER)
  • Institutional Brokers Estimate Service Earning Estimate Reports (GO IBES)
  • InvesText (GO INVTEXT)
  • IQuest InfoCenter (GO IQUEST)
  • S&P Online (GO S&P)

For more information on these and similar services, see Chapter 15, “Doing Research.”

To talk to other investors online, check out the Investor’s Forum (GO INVFORUM) and the National Association of Investors Corporation Forum (GO NAIC).

Make your investments online

So far, we’ve looked at the data that’s available online. But what if you want to act on this data and make your own investments online, via CompuServe?
Through CompuServe, you can access two commercial services that enable you to trade stocks and other issues online in real time.
• ETRADE (GO ETRADE) is an online brokerage service provided by TradePlus, Inc. ETRADE offers discount commissions, Black Scholes option analysis, around-the-clock availability, and investment management services.
• Quick Way (GO QWK) is an online brokerage service provided by Quick & Reilly. Quick Way offers customers discount commissions, current online quotes, around-the-clock availability, and portfolio evaluation services. You can also find a number of online brokers on the Internet, including:
• Ceres Securities (
• Charles Schwab & Company, Inc. (
• E broker (
• ETRADE (; the Web version of the E*TRADE service offered on CompuServe
• Lombard Securities (
Any of these services is fine if your transactions are simple—and if you know what you’re doing. If you have more complex investments, or if you need face-to-face advice, you may want to use a more traditional brokerage firm.

Financial information and services on the Internet

One of the best places to look for financial information and services is on the World Wide Web. Here are a few finance-oriented Web sites you might want to check out.

  • American Stock Exchange ( offers news and information on all listed companies.
  • Canada Net Pages ( is the most comprehen­sive resource for Canadian business and financial data.
  • CNNfn ( is the online version of the new cable financial news network.
  • Financial Information Link Library ( provides a list of links to financial sites around the world.
  • FinanCenter Inc. (http://www.firiancentencom/resources/) is an online personal finance resource center that helps you evaluate borrowing and investment options. FinanCenter includes glossaries, statistics, concise how-to reports, and professional load counselors’ advice. This one is recommended.
  • Hoover’s Online ( is a great source for company-specific information.
  • Kiplinger Online (http://www.lciplingencom/) offers the online version of the popular periodical.
  • Mortgage Strategies ( mortgage.html) maintains an online report that explains how to save on your mortgage interest.
  • NETworth (, from GALT Technologies, Inc., has in-depth information on more than 5,000 mutual funds.
  • PAWWS Financial Network ( provides a variety of online quotes, charts, and financial information.
  • PC Quote ( offers real-time securities quotations and news.
  • Quote.Com ( provides financial market data, such as current quotes on stocks, commodity futures, mutual funds, and bonds. Quote.Com also supplies business news, market analysis, and commentary.
  • The Wall Street Journal on the Web ( has a lot of WSJ offerings, including the continually updated Money & Investing Update.

The volume of relatively free (“relatively” because some of these services come at a fee) financial information available on both CompuServe and the Internet is amazing. New sites are added daily, so visit them all and pick the ones that best fit your personal needs.

quotes from CompuServe quotes from CompuServe

quotes from CompuServe