Getting the form of help you need

Getting the form of help you need

Getting the form of help you need

The fastest way to get help with a particular area is to press the Fl key. The Fl key brings up a context-sensitive Help window; this means that the Help information displayed is directly related to what you were doing when you pressed the button.

You can choose what type of Help you want by pulling down the Help menu. The Help menu gives 3)ou the following options to choose from:

  • Contents: the main place for help. It lists everything!
  • Search for Help on…: the quickest way to review particular topics.
  • How to Use Help: Help about using Help!
  • Upgrading to 3.0 from CIM: basic upgrading info.
  • What’s New in 3.0: a list of new features of CompuServe 3.0.
  • CompuServe Directory: a comprehensive list of CompuServe’s services, areas, and forums.
  • About CompuServe for Windows: tells which version of CompuServe you’re using.

The Contents and Search options are probably the most useful sources for general help. They each display pretty much the same information; Contents is arranged alphabetically, while Search lets you search for specific words and phrases.

The CompuServe Directory is a very useful utility. It lists just about every¬≠thing that’s available on CompuServe by topic. Within each topic, particular areas are listed. If you click one of those areas, CompuServe displays a short description of what you’ll find there, and displays the GO word in blue. Fig. 5.1 shows a screen of information in the CompuServe Directory. The GO command (EDRIVE) is blue; clicking on the GO command takes you directly to that area.

Learning about CompuServe on the Home Desktop

When you click the Learn About button on the Home Desktop, you can get basic information about all of CompuServe’s core services (e-mail, forums, chat, and news). Similarly, when you click the CompuServe Directory icon, you’re taken directly to the CompuServe Directory (described in the previous section).

Getting Help online

In addition to the Help utilities you just learned about, CompuServe offers a variety of other member support services online. These services are all free, and you can go directly to them by using the GO commands shown in Table 5.1. Most of these services are also available from the main Member Services area (GO HELP) shown in Fig. 5.2.