Getting there with GO commands CompuServe

Getting there with GO commands CompuServe

GO commands CompuServe

If you know exactly what service you want, the quickest way to get there is through the GO command. You activate the command by clicking the Go button on the toolbar, or by pulling down the Access menu and choosing Go. The Go… dialog box appears, in which you type the name of the desired forum or service in the Service text box (see Fig. 3.3). When you click OK, you’re automatically transported to where you want to go.

For example, the GO word for the Macmillan Computer Publishing Forum is MACMILLAN. So, to go directly to this forum (where you can talk to Que), type MACMILLAN in the Go… dialog box. This direct action is often written in condensed form as “GO MACMILLAN.” Therefore, if you should go to the IQuest database, you might be told to “GO IQUEST.” To do so, use any method for accessing the Go… dialog box, and then type IQUEST.

You can also use the GO command to go to sites on the World Wide Web. Just enter the URL (the Uniform Resource Locator, which is an address on the Web) in the Go… text box, and CompuServe takes you to that specific Web site. (See Chapter 25 for more information on the World Wide Web.)

As an example, the URL for Macmillan’s Information SuperLibrary Web site is http:/ If you type that URL into the Go-. dialog box and
click OK, CompuServe’s internal Web browser displays the home page for the appropriate Web site.

I used the Search command, and it didn’t return any matches. How do I find the service I want?

There can be numerous reasons for “no finds.” First, you may have typed something wrong. Second, you may have conducted too narrow a search. (Try changing your search parameters to something more general.) Third, there may not be any services that deal with what you’re looking for
(unlikely, but possible). You may want to use the CompuServe Directory (pull down the Help menu and choose CompuServe Directory) to see if there really are any services that fit the bill.