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Google SEO Industry Forecast

Google SEO Industry Forecast in 2020

Many new graduates who want to work for SEO or are planning to start SEO projects this year, and companies that want to employ Google SEO talents want to know what the current SEO market is at Google. Today Daniel also gives you forecasts for Google SEO in 2020. Industry trends.

Let’s not talk about the big environment. According to the news I heard in 2020, the SEO industry is gradually increasing. It specifically explains:

Several major companies have hired job seekers this year to start hiring industry employees in SEO. This actually includes famous foreign companies such as x-tone and x-plus;

In addition to the daily flow of external media to the external purchases of sub-brands, x began to pay attention to data analysis and natural search traffic ranking on the site, and to identify candidates in this area;
More and more foreign trade companies have jumped from third-party platforms and started standing alone, looking for workers in the SEO industry everywhere; (This year saw a lot of foreign trade companies post job ads to SEO)

Amazon heads are starting to sell standalone stations and are also searching for SEO services;
From the above information, we can see that the SEO industry is starting to be taken seriously!

However, the particularly optimistic news is that although market demand has started to increase, the number of employees is still very rare, and many companies cannot appoint suitable candidates.
Let me talk about the process of Google SEO development in China in order to better understand the industry with you.

SEO era chilled

SEO has actually been thriving for a while, but not for long. Around 2008-2012, when the street was full of SEO. Since SEO is in the bonus period, as long as SEO can be found, it’s equivalent to finding a dairy cow.

But the good times are not long. After updating the algorithm in 2013, SEO returned to basic optimization work. The effective period has become longer and more difficult. Many industry practitioners switch to e-commerce.

At that time, the platform began to exercise strength and there was an additional period. As long as the product is listed or advertised, requests can be issued quickly, so search engine optimizers, a slow method, are gradually being withdrawn from the perspective of cross-border electricity traders.

The main reasons why SEO will be hot this year

In 2019, sales of many foreign trade companies declined due to trade wars. The show’s effect is not good, the platform’s query quality is poor and the cost of entry is high, which is why many foreign trade companies want to find another way. Including B2C, many Amazon seller heads are tired of being bound by the rules of the platform for a long time, and at the same time they realize the importance of collecting customer data, so they have also opened standalone stations and started walking on two legs.

As the number of people doing standalone stations increases, so will the number of vendors advertising, and the increase in advertising costs will be an inevitable trend. So everyone began to realize the importance of SEO

Standalone mode is slightly different from third-party platforms:

Third-party platforms: By purchasing ads, and after transferring the order, the overall ranking inside the station will increase, and in the end there will be natural search traffic.

Independent station: There is no way to increase natural search traffic by purchasing ads alone to get orders. Once the ads stop, the traffic also stops.

When you understand the SEO industry, you will know why everyone is increasing their demand for SEO, and why it is difficult to assign talent to Google SEO.

Is there a solution for companies that recruit SEO candidates?

According to the current SEO talent market layout, it is very difficult to employ the experienced SEO optimizers. Therefore, the best way for companies to quickly launch SEO projects is to hire new graduates for internships.

Based on Daniel’s years of experience in the field, we have been able to segment SEO’s work well.

Split 1: improve station data

The optimal work inside the station is the essence of the project. Actually, outsourcing is not recommended because the agent process is not familiar with your product. Therefore, it is better to solve text writing and word choice by people within the company. This part of the work includes:
on-page optimization;

  1. search console, installation and analysis of google analytics;
  2. Use of screamingfrog’s crawler tool and optimization of link structure;
  3. use of kwfinder, ahfrefs tools, keyword research and data analysis;
  4. The content of this section, I have made a public online courses and uploaded to No. Toku we think of the college, be the fastest in three days while watching the video in the side posts work.

Split 2: Outbound chain construction procurement (referred to as link buyer)

If you hire an SEO yourself, and let him do the work of contacting the webmaster and submitting it, you may do 2-3 external links for you in a month. At this time, as a business owner, the practitioner will think that the practitioner has not worked hard, and the SEO practitioner will also feel that the leader does not understand his job attributes.

Due to the complexity of the external chain construction work, it is difficult for many practitioners to obtain some valuable external chain resources. A valuable external link usually requires multiple email communications to determine an external link, which causes inefficiency. This is not because the SEO practitioner did not work seriously, but this work attribute determines that he must spend a lot of In the construction of this external chain, purchasing the external chain of the external chain supplier directly and doing quality control is the fastest and most effective solution at present.

APL external chain  (suitable for companies with an annual budget of SEO external chain of 30,000 to 80,000)

APL’s external chain is a star product developed by our company. Currently it has served more than 300 companies, and the effect is obvious to all. The quality of this external chain is comparable to the Guest Post, but the price is only one-third of the latter, so its acceptance in the domestic market is very high. handmade external chain (suitable for companies with an annual budget of SEO external chain of 150,000-300,000 budget)

Outreachmama is the most reliable external chain supplier we have been doing for SEO for so long. They will contact the webmaster according to the site you need, and obtain high-quality external links through communication. This kind of external chain data will be better than APL, of course, the price is also several times that of APL. The average is $ 200-300. It is suitable for industries that require high corporate sites or high competition.

At present, we recommend the method: use APL external chain solution in the early stage, and then purchase the manual external chain of Outreachmama appropriately. This method is the best external chain solution that companies want to carry out SEO projects but want to guarantee the effect .

Therefore, in the end, we suggest that the most effective way for domestic companies to quickly start the Google SEO project is to recruit a fresh graduate (it is better to recruit experienced SEO), and then use the SEO of our Topus Online Academy Courses to quickly learn the optimization knowledge of the station and get started quickly. The external chain construction part can be learned after getting started. The first step is to purchase external chain work first, and you can monitor the quality of the external chain.

Future development concerns for those considering the SEO industry

I believe this is a topic that many fresh graduates who want to work in Google SEO care about.

Because the platform and the independent station will have a rise and fall period, many practitioners worry that in the future, the platform will fire again, and the independent station will start to decline again. What should companies do if they do not need SEO practitioners?

In fact, the SEO industry is very special. His special point is that as long as you learn SEO, he can extend in many directions, and there is no problem of development bottlenecks. Unlike the programmer industry, although entry salary is high, there will be workplace bottlenecks later.

In foreign countries, SEO is still a very popular profession. Most of them currently live in the manner of Affiliate and agent, and live very nourishingly. There are many people with annual income of more than 6 digits, and there are also practitioners with young income of 7 digits.

SEO also has derived a lot of career directions:

  1.  Get your own order by building a foreign trade station and doing SEO to become a foreign trade SOHO;
  2.  After years of rooting in the industry, it can be profitable by training as a lecturer;
  3. You can do content affiliate, Amazon Affiliate or other categories of alliances;
  4.  SEO operations, either in a company or SOHO manner;
  5.  Invest in old domain names;
  6.  Buy and sell link resources;
  7.  Be an SEO executive in an overseas company;
  8. Build your own e-commerce website, get traffic through SEO, and be an independent e-commerce site;
  9. Set up official website of virtual products, buy and sell products (tools, e-books, game currency, etc.); …

When an industry is cultivated for many years, you will find that every industry is the same: half a bucket of water is made, and it is difficult to make achievements in any industry.

It can be said that SEO is a profession with a very high ceiling. As long as you have enough enthusiasm to learn and research, there is a lot to be done in this industry. If you enter a bottleneck in this industry, I can take you abroad to see how others make money through SEO.

The Google SEO industry is much more mature in China than before, and there are more and more opportunities to link to foreign SEO. Therefore, friends who are considering entering the industry can safely learn SEO related knowledge.

In 2020, how can companies and practitioners link to Topex to improve the success rate of SEO?

About SEO talent training and incubation:

1.Online training

We provide SEO online training courses for companies that have no way to recruit experienced SEO staff and need internal training. You can buy our online courses to let employees learn and practice in order to get started quickly.

2. Offline training

If your company has recruited experienced SEO practitioners, but the comprehensive ability of the practitioners is not strong enough or the overall optimization logic is not clear, we have provided special SEO offline training to support the company, and let the company’s employees SEO skills go to the next Stairs. If you are an industry practitioner and SEO has entered a bottleneck, you can also sign up for our training courses. In 2020, Daniel plans to open 10 offline trainings to help companies export more outstanding SEO personnel.

3.External chain procurement

For companies without any SEO experience, external chain construction will always be a contradiction between practitioners and leaders. If the website does a lot of spam external links, such as finding platforms to buy some spam external links (blog comments, a lot of low-quality Web2.0 articles, etc.), not only the effect will not work, but also the subsequent performance of the website. We will expand the site range of APL this year, and strengthen the optimization of the site to meet the procurement needs of the company’s external chain. And we plan to launch 2-3 (or more) seminars in 2020 to popularize SEO knowledge and how to better use APL external links to help companies make faster results.

The 2020 Spring Festival is approaching. Here, Daniel also wishes everyone a new year: everything comes true, and the money is flowing.

Google SEO Industry Forecast Google SEO Industry Forecast Google SEO Industry Forecast Google SEO Industry Forecast