Google SEO optimization in 2020

Google SEO optimization in 2020

Google SEO optimization in 2020

For the past few years, Uncle Google has been committed to doing so many industry-first websites to tell stories. The companies I focus on this year have slowly grown up. I have been testing and working hard. I want to know what is the effect of being the first in the industry through Google marketing. When my data crushed domestic and foreign counterparts, I found that the Internet marketing knowledge I currently have is only the tip of the iceberg, and there is a wider sky waiting for me to explore. In 2020, I hope that I can maintain a curiosity, continue to learn, test, research, get results, summarize experiences, and lead my team to go wider and wider, and further away on the road of Internet marketing.


 If you are interested, you can read the summary article I wrote earlier.
While continuing to learn about Internet marketing, I want to further explore the strategy of B2C social promotion brands, and hope to achieve something in 2020. Of course, by the way, solve personal problems, get married and have a few cubs, and contribute to human reproduction. (PS: Don’t test women’s bottom line).

loser to home, let me share with you some personal understanding of how to do Google SEO optimization in 2020. It is mainly divided into the following aspects:


  • Google invalid search is increasing, improving CTR is our direction
  • Anyone can produce content, EAT will be the focus
  • ent marketing is not limited to articles, the traffic trend of pictures and videos is increasing
  • Long content, comprehensive solution to user needs is the focus
  • External links are still important, but assisting EAT is the key
  •  Pay attention to regional rankings. If you want to break through, be the first.
  •  Open your Youtube Channel, try Vlog
  •  AMP may become a past tense. Try WebP / HTTP / 3 + QUIC protoco


I. Increase CTR (Click Through Rate)

According to statistics, 50% of invalid searches in Google last year. What is invalid search? An invalid search is a search that performed a search without clicking. The cause of this phenomenon is mainly due to the development of Google voice search and the application of Google structured data.
What time is it today, the nearest Chinese restaurant, the exchange rate between the US dollar and the RMB, etc. Users can find the answer without clicking. Although Google has similar data fluctuations, as far as our search engine marketers are concerned, our goal remains unchanged. It is still our focus to operate more keywords to the top of Google rankings. So in response to this situation, what we need to do is optimize the SERP, that is, make your site more attractive in search results. Here are two suggestions for you:
1) Optimize SEO Title. In the past, our traditional method was to put as many keywords as possible into the SEO Title. In this case, you will have more keywords to rank in. But now we should focus on the appeal of SEO Title, that is, make your title more social.
2) Optimize Google structured data. Many well-developed wordpress templates, the code has been considered to add Google structured. If the template does not come with it, it does not matter, you can use the WordPress plugin to achieve this function. We try to make Google ’s content drawn through structured data more attractive before the website is weighted and ranked. Examples are text (usually 40 to 60 words), pictures, or videos.

Professional and authoritative content (EAT)

EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), Google has done an update for 18 years. It was updated again in May 19th. So how can we improve EAT?
First of all, when we are building a website, we try to make it more professional. Just like I operated the socks website before, I can’t surpass the industry first no matter what. The reason is that it is because my website also has hats, scarves, gloves and other products. In this way, if your website content is not good enough, or your external links are not good enough, it is difficult for you to surpass the industry first. Google doesn’t think you are professionally focused in a certain area. Naturally, it will not give you a high ranking. So we build websites as much as possible in the same field and expand the same product series. Don’t do everything, nothing professional.
Article pages create author details pages. This content has its origins, and try to promote the author’s personal brand, or your company’s brand. Remove low quality content pages without any traffic.
Install an SSL certificate to make your website more secure. The domain name should be as long as possible, that is, the age or expiration time of your domain name will affect EAT. Try to get your content recommended by authoritative websites.

Third, pay attention to website multimedia file optimization

Previously, when we searched on Google, we would directly show you a series of URLs. But now if we search on Google, we will find rich content forms such as the content of Google Images, the content of Google Shopping, the content of YouTube, the advertising space of Google. So we must pay attention to pictures and videos, and pay attention to optimize your Google picture ranking. In the process of operating the website last year, I had a mechanical station picture traffic that even accounted for 20% of the total traffic, so it was terrifying. We try to insert videos into our articles or products. Let more people watch our video, get data, and improve your ranking on YouTube. When the top three are reached, your video can be displayed in Google SERP.

Fourth, the content must be long and text

In the process of doing SEO, I used to think that the old website has time, weight, and user experience data accumulation, and the new website is difficult to surpass. Until this year’s SEMRUSH conference, I knew John of the English seo combat school, and I had a new idea-using the idea of ​​content station to do traditional B2B or B2C.
It’s very simple, you search for industry product keywords in Google, check the number of words on the top three websites on the homepage, and then your website should be as much as 40% more than the average of the first three websites.
At present, the data I get is 2500 words for passing, and 6000 words or more is excellent. However, do not make up for the amount of text, we should ensure that the page logic structure is no problem, and try to handle the user experience perfectly and carefully. Sorry, repeat it again: the key is to handle user search needs perfectly. On this basis, you can integrate the ideas of content marketing, try your best to let your articles have a lot of likes in social sharing, let industry leaders know your content, recommend your content, increase the EAT of the website, and actively promote External links divert websites.

Five, the external chain is still the key

Doing SEO still can’t go outside the chain. It ’s just that compared to 3 years ago, the external chain is not so important, but it is really not possible without it. This year, foreign big brothers have been talking about EAT. I silently understand why EDU and GOV external chains were so good at first, because they are more authoritative and credible. So we have come to the conclusion that links derived from high-quality authoritative websites are definitely useful. You can also understand this: the external link that can bring traffic and inquiry to your website is a good external link. But don’t mess with the external chain! Because I have encountered a lot of people because the external links affect the website effect, so we must pay attention.

Six: break through geographical rankings, achieve industry first

Whether it ’s Baidu or Google, search results in different regions are not the same. Suppose a word with a global monthly search volume of 20,000, the monthly search volume in the United States is 10,000, and you are ranked fifth in the United States, and the fifth place has a click rate of about 3.4%. Then you get only 340IP of traffic per month through this word. Generally, after the third place, your words are in Canada, Australia, and the United States are generally on the second page. If your website ranks first in the United States, your ranking will usually be in the top three elsewhere. The traffic obtained by this word is about 3500IP. The Internet is always the top effect. If you want to do your best, there is no way to be number one. The traffic of the first place is about 10 times that of the third place. This is why we always like to operate the website to the first place. In the case of not being able to operate to the first place, it is recommended to open Canada, UK, Australia and so on.

Seven, attach importance to Youtube Channel

I used to study things and like to read books. The fragmentation gradually became more and more serious over time. When I encountered a problem, I used to search on Google for articles. Now I have a problem, I prefer to search for videos on YouTube to learn. If there is no video, go to Google. Youtube is now the second largest search engine in the world. Just as domestic Douyin traffic is getting larger, YouTube will also become a future outlet. Recently, I also watched several Chinese channels on Youtube. Most fans from 0 to 1 ~ 700w only took 1 to 2 years. Of course, what they do is what the public likes. Perhaps in a few years, Youtube will surpass Google.
In terms of our company, if you shoot your product into a short story of 10 to 15 minutes, it will more intuitively show your product and your corporate culture. Compared to the article, it is more convincing. If your video is used for social promotion, it is recommended about 1 minute. YouTube is different from social. The short-term explosiveness of social is stronger. YouTube is more suitable for classic and long-lasting things. Below I put together some VLogs that b2c must do. (Of course, B2c companies can also plan according to their own ideas, but B2C is more suitable for cooperation with Internet celebrities)
How to design (product)?
Custom (Product) Design Guide
Detailed Product Manufacturing Process or how to Manufacturing Process product
Product Shipping Shipment Story
Quality control story
Customers visiting

Developments in technology

Last year, I talked about AMP, because of the speed of the mobile terminal, I thought of many solutions to optimize. After all, mobile traffic has now surpassed PC traffic. However, depending on the development of this year, AMP may become a past tense. In order to optimize the speed, I have been trying to use various compression tools to compress images to improve the speed of the website, but the effect is not very satisfactory. 
WebP format images are 40% smaller than JPEG format images, which may help the mobile website loading speed. The disadvantage is that WebP’s encoding time is 8 times longer than JPEG. Some browsers do not support this format. At present, Google’s Chrome browser is no problem. with no doubt! The upcoming new HTTP version, HTTP / 3, will use QUIC for transmission. This is a big step forward for Internet information transmission. Unfortunately, I have tried to configure it. At present, many servers do not seem to support this. . . . . . . . . (Source: English promotion of foreign trade SEO)
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