How CompuServe is organized

CompuServe is organized

CompuServe is organized

Because CompuServe provides so many options, you’re probably wondering
how you make sense of everything. How do all these services fit together?

Exploring CompuServe’s main services
When you click the Main Menu button and the Main Menu tab on CompuServe’s Home Desktop, you have the option of heading in any of five directions within CompuServe (see Fig. 3.1).

The following list describes each of the options shown in Fig 3.1.

  • What’s New shows you what’s new on CompuServe each day.
  • Table of Contents enables you to explore CompuServe’s different services by topic area.
  • Internet gives you access to services on the Internet.
  • Chat takes you to the area where you can take part in real-time conver-sation with other CompuServe members.
  • Forums & Communities takes you to an area where you can corre-spond with other members interested in specific topics.

Unless you have a specific area you want to visit, I recommend that you check out What’s New to get the latest updates, and then go to the Table’ of Contents, where you can browse through the various topics offered by CompuServe.

Exploring by topic

CompuServe has thousands of different services in all. If you click the Table of Contents button, you’ll find these services organized into a dozen different topics, which you can see in Fig.

When you click one of these buttons, you go to a new window where you’re presented with a variety of services related to the main topic. These services range from message forums to file libraries and chat rooms. In many cases, they include related services on the Internet.

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