How does the website framework affect optimization?


The purpose of optimizing the website is that I want to make the keywords I want to make on the homepage, but how to stabilize the ranking of the words that already exist on the homepage? Many webmasters are confused about this issue, so how to stabilize the homepage ranking? Station friend Xiao Bai explained to everyone.

First, let’s take a look at the quality of the basic content of the site to see if it can meet the needs of users. After discovering this problem, we must have a good working attitude to optimize the network. In fact, it is a game process with competitors, thinking about search engine algorithms, imitating competitors, ranking higher sites, and comparing and analyzing data.

When we receive promotional and categorization projects from our customers’ websites, we will analyze reasonable website operations plans based on the current state of the industry and customers. Reasonable design, how to promote, how to solve customer problems. The same is true when promoting and operating websites. It must be organized and reasonable. Website optimization and search engine optimization are slow and laborious tasks. For many customers, finding a quick ranking is unrealistic.

They can only say the successful technology of the project experience. By optimizing the design of the initial structure of the website, you can get better rankings, so that some keywords may be online, but this is our valuable experience, which is the precipitation slowly, personal station Long did what he should do. Search engines can easily identify and track website programs in the keyword rankings of websites. In order for search engine spiders to update content in a timely and effective manner, we must do a lot of work, first of all navigation and navigation, complete internal chain, no dead links, site maps, active transportation, passive transportation, etc.

All of this requires us to do it ourselves and do everything possible in the first few days. Search engine spiders crawl our site more times. Our website keywords and so on can make our website rank higher, and a secure and stable server is essential. We should choose a stable and secure server for the website, which is the basis for the normal operation of the website. Otherwise, if it is attacked today, it will not be open tomorrow. Otherwise, the crawling of our website by search engines will become unstable and the ranking of our website will become unstable.

Website optimization includes not only keyword optimization, but also the details of the site structure. If I insist on doing the details, I think the ranking will be stable.

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