How to create a website keyword library and its selection method

More and more people are learning how to optimize their knowledge, but many newcomers don’t know how to choose keywords on our website and how to build their own keyword database in the website optimization process. A good keyword database is used to increase traffic and conversion rates for your website. Now let’s talk about how the site should build its own keyword library.

SEO optimization

1. Understand the keywords of competitive websites, research industry keywords, industry-based features and self-analysis, and keywords to choose from.

2. Select a batch of basic keywords and set different categories for each word. The number of keywords depends on the industry, and basically each category needs to select dozens of keywords. If the number of industry searches exceeds hundreds of thousands, the choice of keywords must be at least a few hundred levels.

3. Improve operational data based on basic keywords and Baidu. This is a keyword tool developed using Baidu to search for all the keywords we selected in the previous step. Then export the data. Note: The data type that must be matched when exporting.

4. Design keywords based on data results. In the process of restoring and exporting data, we can find that some important words are missing from the previous basic keyword library. At this point, you must add these words to your keyword library.

5. Make a complete raw data sheet. After completing the fourth step, we will have a large amount of original keyword data, or we will use the Excel table directly. Do we need to summarize all the data in these Excel tables in one table?

6. Manually adjust the ranking of all data, use the Excel filter function, and then manually select the ranking of each keyword, that is, add a new ranking data column.

At the same time, we can also use the 5118 platform, webmaster tools, website management tools to view the keywords we need, you can also use the long tail keywords for reference only, I hope to help newbies.