How to design the title of the round website

The central point of the site is the site title, so the site title is a very important element. Only good titles can attract enough users to explore this idea, so it is necessary to plan the title to attract people’s attention.

Every webmaster has different ideas when designing a website title, so the website title will be different. The next excellent season, Yun Xiaobai, let everyone summarize some design champions who hope to help everyone.

1. Center alignment has a significant impact

You can place the site title in the center of the entire panel to make it a visual focus. Of course, the suit can’t whistle.

2. Align left and right

Use a blank area of ​​text in the image and place the title on the right side, and try adding a horizontal line below the title or subtitle to focus on that point.

3. Stay in Qi

The direction of the title is determined based on the text space available in the image. The source’s weight combination can make your title more visual.

4. Adjust the distance of the letters in the title and the subtitles placed

Adjust the distance of the letters to match the title and subtitles. You can also try to extract a set of scenes using color caption text to make it more planned.

5. Add the title size to match the line width

Another way to match text lines is to add word size. Expand the specific text in the title so it stays the same and stays in line with the other text.

The above points are the main points of the excellent site Yun Xiaobai combined with their own experience, I hope to give you some help with the design title.