How to do keyword optimization and how to do keyword analysis and positioning

In general, when a website conducts SEO optimization work, the key is keywords. The impact on the optimization of the classification process may be different due to the different configuration of the keywords. Therefore, after combining optimization requirements and details, how should professional and technical personnel correctly analyze and locate keywords in this process, so that the website gets higher and higher ranking in the optimization process? Below, Wisdom Writing provides some simple methods and analysis requirements so that the main keywords can be reflected.

Keyword index

First of all, in the Baidu search process, it is still necessary to investigate the index of the established keywords. If the index is higher, there will usually be a lot of results in Baidu, and only keywords with lower indexes can be selected. In order to optimize the classification, the classification effect will be better. It may even appear on the home page of Baidu Search. The index analysis for each keyword must be in place and then the determination of the keyword can be determined. At that time, the influence of the website will be bigger and bigger, and the optimization work is also very good.

Keyword fix

However, when a professional technician performs SEO optimization on a customer’s website, it is necessary to understand the design of the keywords in this process. Especially on the original copy of the home page or customer website, it is reasonable to organize it, so when it is included in Baidu, the effect will be better. Therefore, during the optimization process, whether you are editing the original article or keywords appear in the core of the home page, you must carefully organize and select. In terms of its detailed requirements, this is a crucial role, or it should be more scientific and reasonable in design, and the effect will be better.

Keyword classification

Each set of keywords has different effects and nouns in the ranking process. When analyzing and locating keywords, it can be done according to the habit of SEO optimization in Baidu, so its classification features will be more diverse. In this process, it is necessary to form the key points of the operation process and professional system, so that the advantages of the website are more different. The customer’s website can have certain advantages in the process of optimizing the classification, so the popularity and process of the website. Continuous improvement, this is even a certain marketing effect. Summarizing the experience and requirements, the help of optimizing the ranking will be larger and larger, achieving a more optimized directional effect.