How to Get EasyPaisa Free Minutes & Cashback Daily

Maintain 1000 balance in EasyPaisa account and get 30 EasyPaisa Free Minutes. In addition, get 50 free minutes in case of 2000 balance in the account. The 3rd free recourse is 200 cashback that will be added in case of a Rs 1000 deposit in your account. The activation Method of this offer is given below.

EasyPaisa offers different opportunities having different conditions. You can get free minutes daily, free cashback daily, and other recourses free with a few easy steps.

We have described below all those tricks and legal steps that will 100% surely add a daily reward (30 or 50 Minutes) or cashback to your Easy Paisa Account

EasyPaisa Free Minutes & Cashback

1st of all we have described here the (Cashback and daily minutes) amount (full details) that will be added to the Easy paisa owner account at the time of money (balance) maintenance or money deposit folks will get cashback.

Minutes & CashBack awarded on 1000 or 2000 Balance:

Offer Name:Free RecoursesMaintain 1000 Balance:30 Minutes DailyMaintain 2000 Balance:50 Minutes DailyDeposit 1000 to Your Account:Get 200 Cashback

These are the conditions you must have to fulfill to get daily minutes in this app. Leaving even a single condition will cancel your eligibility for the daily reward:

Maintain Rs 1000 or Rs 2000 in the accountThe amount must remain in the account for continuous hours

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Send SMS to Get Minutes

SMS “MA” to 422 and get EasyPaisa Free Minutes 30 on maintenance of the Rs 1000 balance in the account. Or maintain a 2000 balance to get 50 minutes daily. On the other hand, users will get 200 Cashback when they deposit Rs 1000 in their Easy Paisa Account.

Activation Method:SMS “MA” to 422

Free Minutes & Cashback (Steps)

Follow these steps and get the minutes & cashback (described below from the initial stage) in a few steps:

Dial *786#Open a new EasyPaisa accountNow type a new message in a given patternType SMS “MA” and send it to 422 official codeNow deposit 1000 in your Easypaisa account & get 200 cashbackOr in the second case you can maintain 1000 rupees in account to 30 Minutes (daily)Same as maintain 2000 rupees in easy paisa account and get 50 minutes (every day)

Final Words

Users will get free minutes (30 & 50) that will only work from 01:00 AM to 10:00 AM (daily). This special timing is set by Telenor EasyPaisa officials. Hence all prepaid Telenor users are eligible to get this free minutes and cashback offer that will remain suspended from 6 PM – 9 PM. For more details click here and read the official manual given by the network.

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