How to master the density optimization work of keywords?

Keywords are the key points we must master in the optimization process: keyword classification and keyword selection methods, how keywords are displayed in the content, which is our focus in optimization. The question is, is the frequency of keywords on the site too low to have a direct impact on our rankings? Let’s look at how to grasp the keyword density during the optimization process.

The density of the keyword, even if it is a breakdown of the proportion displayed on the website, how to organize it naturally on the website, the general page keywords appear on the page as much as possible, but also pay attention to the keyword density, the overall density is 2% to 8 More reasonable between %.

Usually, when we select a keyword, we set it based on the keywords in the title, but we must pay attention to the keywords in the title. It is suspected that the keywords in the title of the website are the core of the station. If the main keywords are more, the core weight of the website will be reduced, but the ranking of the website will have a greater impact.

After completing the title and then the keywords and descriptions, the keyword may not be as important to the page as the central keyword added to the title. The description is relatively important, the website still plays an important role: you can not only Put some keywords, and the general description of the company or product is equivalent to the company profile.

For some companies’ websites, the keyword density should not be too low. For some sites that only display products and images, there are very few articles displayed, and you can add some images. Attributes, add our keywords to increase the density distribution of the site.