How To Optimize Your Site Baidu Serch Engine

How To Optimize Your Site Baidu Serch Engine

Optimize Your Site Baidu Serch Engine

How To Optimize Your Site Baidu Serch Engine?

Over the past few years, I have written less and less, for various reasons. The most important thing is the change in the general trend of the Internet, the rise of We Chat, and the decline of Baidu.
In the past few years, there have been some things that I have not dared to share, even if I haven’t mentioned it in several paid training sessions. Not only is it a private consideration, but if these things are widely disclosed, everyone knows that changes to the industry will be very unpredictable. But at this time, it may not be a big deal to write again.

What I want to write in this article is the theory and practical operation of the ranking of the super hot word “SEO”. How big is the competition for this word? In the industry, there were at least hundreds of forums, blogs, training websites, Party B’s official website, etc., all doing this word ranking. The competitors are front-line practitioners or even teams.

But in fact, on the other hand, it is not polite to say that these competitors are just a group of people who do not even understand the basic concepts.
Yes, sadly, even the mainstay of this industry is mostly lacking in basic concepts.
Therefore, the Fair view Great God SEO training base must start with basic concepts.

  1. In one sentence, summarize the search engine’s ordering rules: In the shortest time, let the highest percentage of users find content that meets his needs. Starting from this ultimate principle, you can directly infer a lot of possible operations through a deduction point.

Here, in order to facilitate understanding, let me assume a situation. When users search for the term “Naruto”, there are three related pages on the Internet. At the same time, assuming that Baidu only displays a total of 3 search results, then these three web pages are displayed at the same time, and the respective click rates are as follows: Naruto animation a CTR: 50% Naruto animation b CTR: 30% Naruto comics CTR: 20% Suppose you only show 1 search result in total? Among the above three pages, page 1 will undoubtedly be displayed. But if there are 2 search results in total? Interesting things happened. Obviously, pages 1 and 3 should be displayed, so as to meet the different needs of different users and maximize the overall click rate.

  1. Many words have very different subdivision requirements behind them. For example, “Naruto” can have “Naruto Animation”, “Naruto Manga”, “Naruto Game” and so on.

Among the 10 search results on the first page of search results, the more comprehensive the segmentation requirements, the better. This should be easy to understand. But how does Baidu determine the specific subdivision needs of each word? This is a non-critical point, but knowing the knowledge points that will easily help to understand the problem is actually common sense in the field of search engines-most users, when they read a page of search results and do not find what they want, Instead of turning to the next page, I search for another (often more specific) word instead.

So for Baidu, it’s very simple. As long as you look at “Naruto”, what percentage of users will switch to “Naruto comics” and you will know the extent of this segmentation demand.

  1. How did I thoroughly determine the above theory?

In the period when Ganji was in charge of SEO, because Ganji was a big customer of Baidu’s bidding, I mixed up with the permission to use Baidu Sinan as a data tool. At the beginning, Baidu Sinan provided a data called “Follow-up Search Words”, which clearly listed the proportion of users who switched to other words after each word. For example, when we looked at the word “recruitment” at the beginning, the subsequent search terms included “recruitment network”, “recruitment to find a job”, “recruitment 58 in the same city” and so on. Comparing these follow-up search terms with specific rankings, it turned out that the ratio of follow-up search terms ranked first, and the corresponding web pages were also ranked first. Occasionally, there is a slight deviation of one or two, and it is not surprising that it is larger, because there is a special final order adjustment rule of “satisfaction click rate”, which will not be expanded here.

  1. I don’t know what the reader thinks here. The problem is that Ganji is a big Baidu customer, so I have data, so can I think of it? no.
    I knew this very early before I saw the data. It is very worth noting that until the second paragraph above, all are just based on Baidu’s sorting rules, plus the conjecture obtained by logical deduction.

After the “conjecture” that subsequent search terms affect ranking has been obtained, just looking at the ranking of more words is enough to determine this sorting rule.
In this process, no project experience, or esoteric technology, tedious data was used.

  1. Understanding the concept of “subsequent search terms” alone is not enough to rank the super hot words such as “SEO”. Next, one concept that needs to be introduced is coarse and fine. I still want to understand it through “logic”.

But even if you don’t think about it in depth, as long as you read a few search engine principle books, or do a simple full-text search yourself, you will definitely know the problems of coarse and fine layout. However, even if I always thought that search engine principles books should be read in the first week of entry, very few people really learned the foundations of this foundation.

Let’s look at this matter in detail:

Suppose Baidu wants to display the corresponding pages of 10 subsequent search terms on the search results homepage, then there are technically the following strategies: Search the results of 10 subsequent words directly, and then spell the subject On the homepage, search for the hypothetical 10 million search results corresponding to the subject, then search 10 times in all 10 million web pages to search for the hypothetical 10 million search results corresponding to the subject, and then search for 10 of the top 1000 with the highest score. Obviously, although it seems that the search quality is 1>2>3, the calculated time cost is 1 and 2 are much greater than 3. So far, any scheme that Baidu actually uses is possible. If anyone researches Google rules and finds that it uses 1 or 2, it is not surprising.
Continue to use logic: If the search results of the subject, such as 10 million, there must be follow-up words; for example, “Naruto Animation” contains the subject of “Naruto”. But incidentally, they don’t absolutely need to be included.
Then, in this case, the final display results of the above strategy 1 and strategy 2 are the same; there are always special cases, such as caching strategies, etc., so you need to search for more words to determine.
Conversely, as long as the results of the first search of the subsequent words are directly searched, and a higher proportion does not appear on the main page of the subject, it can explain the strategy adopted by Baidu3. Actually Baidu uses strategy 3.

SEO, one of the best things is that the ranking results are all there. To verify the conjecture, just search for a few more words to see, the cost is minimal, and it takes a few hours to count.
What practice shows true knowledge, we must try to determine the results, test every few weeks and months. Those who are always stubborn in “practice” regardless of the situation, really have a bad mind.

  1. Although the logic is clear, there is a corresponding word that will make it easier to remember such concepts. Generally, it is called rough and fine in the search engine field. Boldly arranged, the search engine finds the top n pages corresponding to the subject from hundreds of millions of Internet pages.

Refinement is the search engine from the top n pages, and then further calculation of more complex rules, which includes the problem of subsequent search requirements (but far more than that).

I have shared the concept of rough row and fine row in a small area. Later, a friend asked Baidu R&D personnel who he knew to ask directly. The other party replied that the number of pages in Baidu’s coarse ranking was the maximum number of 760 displayed in the search results, and the coarse ranking was only BM25. If the reader does not know what BM25 is, the basic principles of the search engine are a complete mess. I personally recommend starting with “Entering the Search Engine”.
The rule of rough sorting is definitely only BM25. If you only use BM25, you can repeat the keywords on the page a few times and then go through the round of rough sorting. It is extremely unreasonable, and it is not consistent with the large number of cases I have collected. But the number of pages sorted roughly is 760. According to the rough analysis I have observed, it may indeed be the case.

  1. I have written a lot, but how do I rank the word “SEO”?

Introduce the situation of the original website. At that time, I operated a small SEO industry forum and actively posted more than ten or twenty users every day. There are hundreds of pages on the entire website, few friendly links (later, after ranking up, you can easily switch to people, and add more for insurance), and there are no other external links.

After starting to do rankings? Because the process of ranking is too simple, so if you don’t make the theory comprehensive, you must be treated as nonsense: modify the title of the homepage of the website, add a “SEO great god” and buy two friendly links, a total of 50 yuan is gone. It’s really gone.

  1. Certain readers will think that there is a problem with this simplicity? If there is such an intuition, it should be. After all, the wrong attribution is a mistake that most people will make.

I have seen many and many times, who has done any SEO operation, and after a few months, I forgot, when I came back and found that the traffic has increased, I said that I did the right thing and responded blindly.

Attribution, at least in the matter of SEO, correct attribution must have at least two conditions: 1) a reasonable theoretical explanation 2) a reasonable time point

When the follow-up word “SEO Great God” on my website was already in the forefront, and “SEO” could not be seen in the top 760, I knew that the last step was only a rough row of the word “SEO”.

And according to the observation, Baidu’s rough arrangement rules are mainly based on the relatively basic weights of PageRank, which is also a problem that can be found by searching a little more. So I bought two links, and after a week or so, Baidu ranked and updated to the home page.

  1. There is a strange unexplained question that readers must have discovered. Why is the follow-up word such a strange word as “SEO God”? The answer is, I don’t know who brushed it, I’ve been there. I didn’t have Baidu Sinan’s data permission at that time, but I only saw a long-term title containing “SEO God”, and basically did not hit other subsequent words on the home page, I can directly determine that “SEO God” is useful Subsequent words. Borrowed a coincidence.
    Later, the ranking has stabilized for a while. I also put the forum on my website into operation. I think that the weight of the website should not below. At the same time, I feel that the strange word “SEO” is not suitable for the title, so I removed it. It has been changed to “SEO Tutorial” and the ranking has remained stable for a long time. If it weren’t for my small broken forum with no content and no links, as long as the website is a little better, then it is entirely possible to directly do “SEO tutorial” or other similar subsequent word rankings. and many more!

After changing “SEO Great God” to “SEO Tutorial”, what is the reason for my website ranking? Is it really the theory I said earlier? Or can it be ranked first, everything is just a coincidence?

As mentioned earlier, the reader should have doubts during the reading process, and it is the wrong attitude to learn knowledge without doubt.

However, back to the theory of the follow-up words, even if it may not have been done or observed, it can still be understood only through logic. Combining the subsequent search terms with the concept of coarse sorting and fine sorting, we can draw a conjecture: For a subject with a subsequent word effect, the ranking of the corresponding search result page is only in two states: on the first page, at any position behind. There is no such thing as a squeeze to the second page after the first page ranks down. The actual situation will be a little more complicated, such as open platform occupation, click to adjust rights, etc., but the whole is still as mentioned above. At the time, when my website was ranked by “SEO God”, the rankings of other websites corresponding to the “SEO God” also fell behind; similarly, when the “SEO tutorial” went up, the original “SEO tutorial” corresponds to the website The ranking also fell behind.

The theory and time point are perfectly in line, so it is the correct attribution. Later, on the one hand, because of Jiao Da, he also figured out a rough idea, competing with me for ranking; on the other hand, I was doing outsourcing at that time, and the business volume could not be taken care of. In the end, the ranking of the word “SEO” fell on Baidu’s homepage for more than a year.

In addition, to this day, readers no longer need to analyze the ranking of the word “SEO”. Baidu’s homepage is currently fully covered by various websites that are clicked on, which is simple and rude.

Summarizing the whole article, the reader can review it again. Everything is common sense that even a layman can quickly and easily grasp, through a large number of logic deductions, and then to search a few words to verify the conjecture, and finally get the complete theory.

Many colleagues know that my industry experience is very rich, so I may think a little, although I explained the previous problem through logic, but in fact, whether I made the effect through “experience”, only through logic to explain, borrow This gives credit to “logic”? The nth time emphasized that a skeptical attitude should be. no.

Why did I rank “SEO” on Baidu’s homepage? Because I was too busy in the Meituan. I was 23 years old and had only four years of experience. Moreover, I want to understand these theories, it is a much earlier matter, how can there be any experience to follow.

Optimize Your Site Baidu Serch Engine Optimize Your Site Baidu Serch Engine Optimize Your Site Baidu Serch Engine Optimize Your Site Baidu Serch Engine Optimize Your Site Baidu Serch Engine Optimize Your Site Baidu Serch Engine.

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