How to stand out in the competitive keyword rankings

Before the website decides to optimize and promote, we must first determine the keywords we want to make on this website, choose keywords that are beneficial to our industry, and even optimize the promotion after the website, so that we can achieve a bloody way in many competitions. Stand out from the crowd. In this process, we must be cautious in the process of optimizing the operation of the website. If we don’t pay attention to the details, the ranking of the keywords on our website should have an adverse effect, and even make our previous optimization operations have nowhere to go. Pointless. So how can we stand out from the competition of many keyword categories?

1. The website structure is good

A good website structure can save a lot of energy to promote the website. In the process of optimizing the website, the user’s access depth to the website is determined only in a short time of 6 seconds. Within these six seconds, an important factor in determining whether a user is browsing is the structure of the website. Therefore, if the website can be promoted during the promotion phase, the structure of the website is very important.

2. Avoid empty links and dead links on the site

The unpleasantness of the user browsing the website is that they found the information they wanted on the website, but when they clicked, they found it to be an empty link. This careless mistake, in the subsequent promotion of the website, will make the user experience of the website very poor, so that the user no longer has the desire to continue browsing. In the process of promoting the website, the most worrying thing is that there are dead links or empty links on the website. Therefore, after the website is built, it is necessary to test in several aspects to ensure that there are no empty links and dead links on the website, which can increase the user experience.

3. Website soft text promotion method

During the website optimization process, users often pay attention to website updates when browsing websites. For website updates, the main content is the update of website content, especially for some real-time news websites or e-commerce categories. Updating the content of such sites is also an important factor in successfully promoting the site.