How to update seo article

How to edit SEO articles? Doo thinks that article updates are very useful for websites, so what kind of article updates, how to edit it better?

The first is about the quality of the article, what type of article is the quality? In my opinion, articles with needs are of high quality. The most important thing is how to update the article as required. It is also the type of article that search engines like to include. How to judge user demand articles? The best way to judge is to look for heat. High calorie indicates that the user’s demand is large, and the higher the user’s demand, the higher the search engine. Therefore, this type of article update will be very effective.

In fact, it is called heat, how does it get hot? In this case, everyone can view the search list, which keywords were listed recently, and then update the relevant content of the keyword. In fact, this step is very simple. Then what is said is originality, how high is the value of originality? In fact, it is clear that we can see in the news that in fact, a lot of news has been copied. There is no creativity at all, but the ranking is very good, so updating the article to capture heat is the key point.

But you can’t say what the idea is, and the original has its value. This will describe how your site organizes the original article. Year after year, it turns out to be better than the original. Different content presentations are a manifestation of the user experience.