Is the fluctuation of website ranking related to keywords?

What happens when the website ranks fluctuating? Most webmasters do site optimization rankings to get more inbound traffic. However, if your site is unstable, it may have an impact on site optimization. The next stop, Yun Xiaobai, will explain what factors will lead to unstable website rankings. Is it related to website keywords?

1. Changes in search engine algorithms

When the website ranking is unstable, it may be that Baidu search engine has a new algorithm setting, which causes the website ranking to fluctuate. When many websites are unstable, many people in the forum are discussing whether search engine algorithms are present. Adjustment, how to judge the ranking of the website caused by the adjustment of the search engine algorithm? You can check if the ranking of similar sites is lower. If everyone has a reduction, it means that the site keyword change is caused by the search engine algorithm settings.

2. Low user experience

The classification of good websites is inseparable from the new traffic entering from the website, which is equivalent to user access. If the user does not have a good experience or has no access, he will not know the site. Users with high bounce rates will naturally think that the value of the site is not high, and the site is penalized for reducing the ranking of the site. Therefore, the level of user experience determines the ranking of the site.

3. Website optimization is too good, the method is not suitable

Some webmasters have been optimizing websites for a long time without starting to rank and start looking for shortcuts. Try to use some methods that don’t lead to website optimization, such as bridge links, hidden links, keyword stacking keywords, etc. Search engines will naturally find results and website rankings will be reduced. This is also the site’s search engine. Punishment and less severe punishment.

4. Website title is often modified

Some webmasters think that the rankings are not very good, they often change the website title and modify the website title to facilitate the change of website ranking. Because once the site title is modified, the search engine will have a new understanding of site crawling. The ranking of previous websites will naturally change. Therefore, the title of the website is not easy to modify.

5, the server is unstable

The web server must be stable and secure to run, otherwise the hacker will hang on the website, hang the dark chain, attack the website, etc. In this case, the search engine will give the website a certain penalty instead of asking for a causal cycle. Therefore, website keyword optimization workers can do the security and stability of the web server.

By introducing the excellent site cloud Xiaobai, I think there will be many webmasters who have a new understanding of the changes in website rankings. Ranking optimization requires patience and the work of the website must be detailed. Doing well will stabilize the ranking of the website.