Is the site map useful

Site Map Useful

Is the site map useful? What role does it play?

The site map is equivalent to providing a convenient access path for search engines, allowing search engines to index in a more direct way. If the site map does not play any role when the content of the site can be included normally, but in some special cases, the site map can still play a role, then, under what circumstances, the site map can play It does.

If the amount of website updates is large, and dozens of articles are updated every day or even hundreds of articles, the search engine is likely to lose some of the articles. At this time, the search engine can index the lost URL through the site map and re-include it. If the amount of updates is relatively small, there is basically no need to worry about this problem. In another case, the site map also plays a role.

According to common sense, as long as the website updates the article, the article will be displayed on the home page, but some templates are designed uniquely, not all articles will appear on the home page after the update, and search engine spiders need to crawl the inner page to include these articles. The difficulty of inclusion is relatively greater. At this time, the site map just provides a convenient entrance.

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The site map has two functions. The first function is to provide convenient entrances, and the second function is to provide more entrances. Some people have a wrong understanding of the site map and think that as long as there is a site map, all the content can be included. This is a wrong perception. If the quality of the article is not good and the space is unstable, the site map is also weak. Solve the inclusion problem. site map useful