Job satisfaction represent on of all most complex areas facing to days managers when it comes to managing their employees. May studies have demonstrated a usually large impact on the job satisfaction on the motivation of workers. While the level of motivation has an impact on productivity and hence also on performance of business organization.

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Despite its vide wage in scientific research as well as in everyday life these is still no general agreement regarding what job satisfaction is in fact there is no final definition on what job represents. Therefore before a definition on job satisfaction can be given the nature and importance of work as a universal human activity must be considered.

Different authors have different approaches towards defining job satisfaction. Some of the most commonly cited definitions on job satisfaction are analyzed in the text that follows.

Hop Pock defined job satisfaction as any combination of psychology, physiological and environmental circumstance that cause a person truthfully to say I am satisfied my job (Hop Pock 1935) according to this approach although job satisfaction is under the influence of many external factors it remains something internal that has to do with vroom in his definition on job satisfaction focuses on the role of the employee in the workplace. That he defines job satisfaction as attractive orientations on the part of individuals toward work roles which they are presently occupying (Vroom 1964).

Job satisfaction represents a combination of positive or negative feelings that workers have towards their work meanwhile when a worker employed in a business organization bring with it the needs desires and experiences which determinates expectations represent the extent to which expectations are and match. The real awards job satisfaction is closely linked to that individual’s behavior in the work place (Davis 1985).

Job satisfaction is a workers sense of achievements and success on the job. It’s generally perceived to be directly linked to productivity as well as to personal wellbeing job satisfaction implies doing a job one enjoys doing it well and being rewarded for one efforts. Job satisfaction further implies enthusiasm and happiness with one work. Job satisfaction is the key ingredient that leads to recognition income promotion and the achievement of other goals that lead to a feeling of fulfillment (Kaliski 2007).

Job satisfaction can be defined also as the extent to which a worker is content with the rewards he gets out of his job particularly in terms of intrinsic motivation (Statt 2004).

The term job satisfaction refers to the attitude and feelings people have about their work positive and favorable attitudes to words and unfavorable attitudes to words . the job indicate job dissatisfaction (Armstrong 2006).

We consider that job satisfaction represents a feeling that appears as a result of the perception that the job enables the material and psychological needs job satisfaction can be considered as one of the main factors when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness of business organization.

The importance of job satisfaction specially emerges to surface it had in mind the may negative consequences of job dissatisfaction such a lack of loyalty increased absenteeism increase number of accidents etc. (Spector 1997).

Job satisfaction represents one of the most complex areas facing today managers when it comes to managing their employees. Although thousands of papers and research have been conducted on job satisfaction all over the world.

There is a considerable impact of the employee perception for the nature of his work and the level of overall. Job satisfaction financial compensation has a great impact on the overall job satisfaction of employee.