KHYBER Institute of Medical Science Peshawar Multiple Choice Questions

KHYBER Institute of Medical Science Peshawar

“Multiple Choice Questions ”


1:- A branch of medical science which deals with the practice of non-surgical methods of treating disease is called; (Medicine)

2:- An indication of a disease sensations noticed by the patient himself is called; (Symptom)

3:- An indication of a disease observed by the doctor is called; (Sign)

4:- Signs on which the patient is alived are called; (Vital signs)

5:- The normal pulse rate in adult is called; (72 times per minute)

6:- The normal respiratory rate is adult is called; (10 to 20 time per minute)

7:- The normal human temperature is called; (98.6 Fahrenheit)

8:- The normal human blood pressure in adult is called; (120 / 80 mmHg)

9:- Disorder with a specific cause and recognizable signs and symptoms is called; (Disease)

10:- Any factor that is associated with production of disease is called; (Cause of Disease)

11:- Many drugs can cause unwanted and extra signs and symptoms as called; (Disease)

12:- Any disease that can be transmitted from one person to another is called; (Infection Disease)

13:- Measles is caused by; (Paramyxovirus)

14:- German Measles is caused by; (Rubella virus)

15:- Incubation period of Measles is called; (10 – 14 days)

16:- An acute infections disease of the respiratory tract characterized by paroxysmal cough ending

    In a ‘whoop’ upon inhalation is called; (Whooping Cough)

17:- Whooping cough is caused by; (Bordetella pertussis)

18:- Incubation period of Diphtheria is; (2 – 04 days)

19:- Rabies is caused by; (Rhabdovirus)

20:- Polio is caused by; (Poliovirus)

21:- Tetnanus is caused by; (Clostridium tetani)

22:- Incubation period of Tetnanus; (5 – 14 days)

23:- Chicken pox is caused by; (Vericilla (Herpes) virus)

24:- Polydipsia, polyphagia and polyuria are present in; (Diabetes Mellitus)

25:- Diabetes Mellitus is a; (Metabolic Disease)

26:- Chronic systemic inflammatory disorder with destructive & deforming polyarthritis is a feature     of; (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

27:- A type of arthritis due to increase level of uric acid in the blood is called; (Gouty Arthritis)

28:- Sudden fall of blood pressure is termed as; (Shock)

29:- High graded fever is called; (Hyperpyrexia)

30:- A Condition Caused by toxins present in consumed or ingested food is called;

    (Food Poisoning)

31:- An acute inflammation of gallbladder is called; (Acute Cholecystitis)

32:- presence of stone anywhere in kidney is called; (Renal Colic)

33:- Any obstruction in urinary tract which can cause retention in urine is called;

    (Urinary Retention)

34:- An abnormal dilatation of the sub mucosal veins in anal canal is termed as;     (Heamorrhoids)

35- Disease of Ear, Nose, and Throat are called; (E.N.T Disease)

36:- The inflammation of middle ear is called; (Otitis Media)

37:- The inflammation of sinus mucosa is called; (Sinusitis)

38:- An opacity of the lens of an eye is called; (Cataract)

39:- Duodenal rupture due to any cause is called; (Duodenal Perforation)

40:- Presence of stone in gallbladder is called; (Cholelithiasis)

41:- Enlargment of thyroid gland is called; (Goiter)

42:- The causative organism of Gonorrhoea is called; (Gonococci)

43:- The inflammation of pharynx is called; (Pharyngitis)

44:- Any growth arising from nasal mucosa membrane is called; (Nasal polyp)

45:- Deficiency of water and electrolytes in body is called; (Dehydration)

46:- ATS stands for; (Anti Tetanus Serum)

47:- Inflammation of Parotid gland is called; (Mumps)

48:- Inflammation of Conjunctiva is called; (Conjunctivitis)

49:- Inflammation of Cornea is called; (Keratitis)

50:- Inflammation of Meningies is called; (Meningitis)

51:- Inflammation of joints is called; (Arthritis)

52:- Inflammation of Liver is called; (Hepatitis)

53:- Carcinoma of Liver is called; (Hepatoma)

54:- Raised Bilirubin level in blood is called; (Jaundice)

55:- Inflammation of Pancreas is called; (Pancreatitis)

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