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King Price app – It’s official. We’re digital kings and queens, we’re riding the techno highway, we’re basically the Elon Musks of the South African insurance industry. Alright, that’s a slight exaggeration, but only slight because we did innovate the world’s first decreasing car insurance premium model. But the reason why we’re bouncing off the walls is because we have an app. An actual app that you can use for so many of your insurance dealings. (And it’s sooooo pretty.)

Brilliant, yeah? Well, you’ll only know if you check it out. However, if you need convincing, we’ll lay it all out for you here, giving you all the deets on how our app works for you.

What you can do with the King Price app:

Get car insurance with decreasing premiums

Join the future and get car insurance via the app. This way it’ll take even less time to get our decreasing premiums in your life. What are we talking about? Oh just the fact that because your car’s value drops monthly, your car’s insurance premium should drop monthly, too.

Get more royal cover

So many people used our app to get their cars insured with the king that we decided to add a portable possessions page so that you can use your phone to get cover for your items that go out with you, like your phone, your clothing, cameras, tablets, travel luggage, and rings and sparkly things. And with this type of insurance, you can claim for theft and accidental damage, which is a huge weight off your budget’s shoulders. Poor budget… It needs a break.

Do car inspections with the King Price app

The thing about getting car insurance is that you always have to get the car inspection over and done with. It’s not a massively complicated action to complete and yet… You’ve got to find the time, find the closest inspection centre, and then get it done. That last part is the hardest, because there are always so many other things on your to-do list.

Now you can download our app and do a self-inspection. The app will guide you through the whole process and it’ll be over quick-quick.

Change your car insurance excess withe the King Price app

You might decide that you can afford a slightly higher premium (which will decrease monthly anyway) and want a cheaper excess so that if you have to claim, it’ll be an easier financial experience. Or you might want to increase your excess so that you can decrease your premium by a bigger amount all at once (instead of letting it naturally decrease in a less sudden way). Whatever the reason is, you can change your excess using our app. Quick and easy.

Please just remember that your excess is payable every time you claim, so it has to be an amount that you can afford.

Submit your claims with the King Price app

Sometimes you need to talk to a human being before submitting your claim. It could be that the situation is upsetting or there are details that you’re not sure about. If that’s the case, then call us. Or ask us to call you on our dime and we’ll do it, because we want to be there for you. But there are also times when you just want to submit your claim without having to deal with humans. We get it and our app will guide you through the claim process so that you can get it done and dusted, without the human touch.

Update your deets with the King Price app

Most often the reason why people forget to update their details (like their home address or licence plate number) is because they have to find time to make the call. You can get this little ‘to-do’ ticked off your list while you’re waiting for friends to arrive or while you’re on the loo. We won’t judge, mostly because we won’t know and mostly because we’re just happy that you got it done. (Cue happy dance.)


You can use our app to donate the amount that your monthly car insurance premium decreases by to 1 of the 8 charities that we support. You can choose to donate your monthly decrease to any 1 of them… Just tell us which 1 tugs on your heart-strings and we’ll take care of all the details.


Thousands of South Africans love how we do insurance… From our innovative insurance products and royal service, to the R150 million in decreasing premiums that we’ve given back to our clients. We reckon that you’ll love the savings, the service, and of course, the app, so why do insurance the hard way when you could get a quote using the King Price app?

Join our kingdom today, and if you’re already part of our royal family, then make sure you download the King Price app in your app store today.


Review our app T’s and C’s, and privacy policy here.

You can also login to the King Price Self-Service Portal by clicking here.

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