King Price culture day – You’re invited

King Price culture day: Find out how we created a flawsome culture that drives our kingdom

We’re super lucky. That’s an understatement but we’re pretty sure that there aren’t words enough to describe how happy and grateful we are to be part of our amazing kingdom. Seriously. Who else gets to work in a company in South Africa where there are ping pong tables, putt-putt greens, jukeboxes, dress-up days, cool tech toys, bright and energising décor, incentives, and free popcorn and slushies?

But it’s more than the stuff, you know? It’s the energy, the family vibes, the opportunities… It’s the culture.

The culture in our kingdom empowers, inspires, and helps us maintain our passion for helping you get and use the king’s cover. We think it’s got to do with the fact that the king himself has said over and over again that everything that we do is about prioritising people over profit. Not clients over profit, but people. So that includes you, the accountants, kingdom cleaning staff, and any 1 else that has anything to do us. The pay-off has been that thousands of people want to work with us and hundreds of thousands want to be insured by us.

But none of this happened by accident.

It was all down to an intentional plan to build a company culture that creates engaged employees who take responsibility for their performance, embrace innovation, and get closer to any 1 who wants the king’s cover. For a few years, we’ve pioneered the kind of company culture responsible for taking King Price from a start-up to a 990-person, R4.5 billion company in just 7 years.

Now we’re giving you and you and you (and you) the chance to find out how you can establish a company culture that excites and inspires with our highly creative and intentionally curated culture days.

What are King Price culture days?

Spend the day hearing from our culture-savvy experts about our take on what culture means, the different culture models and processes, how to merge, align, and measure culture, what it means to establish an adaptive culture, and (what you’ve been waiting for) how to create your own unique culture.

You’ll also get a few other things, like:

  • A tour: Check out our kingdom to see our flawsome culture in action.
  • Nourishment: Free lunch, popcorn, and slushies.
  • A take-away: A King Price happy bag to go home with you.
  • Knowledge: Gideon Galloway, Marno Boshoff and other experts are going to impart all sorts of gems.

Want to come and experience our flawsome culture for yourself? Our next culture day is in November and spots are limited, so you’ll need to get a move on if you’d like to attend.

Just click here to find out all the details and book your spot for our next King Price culture day.

A word from our royal visitors

‘Inspired. That’s how I felt after attending King Price’s first culture day. And it’s not just because you guys have some of the coolest gizmos and gadgets in your offices… In fact, I was inspired by how you’ve really put your staff first and by how you’ve created a fun, purpose-driven culture, while still focusing on the business side of things.

While visiting your kingdom, I also realised the importance of taking risks and the value of client feedback… Pointers I will definitely take with me, going forward.

Special thanks to Ilze (King Price’s culture princess) and the culture team for living and loving your brand. You guys rock!’
Luke Harwood from Medscheme


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