LONDON: A man convicted of keeping women in the freezer after the murder has been sentenced to life in prison

Zahid Younis, who confessed to keeping two women in a freezer in his flat, was sentenced to life in prison in the British capital, London.

The Guardian reports that the 36-year-old was involved in rape cases and kept the bodies of two women in the freezer after killing them.

The court sentenced Zayed Younis to life in prison and sentenced him to 38 years in prison.

The report said the perpetrator tortured the two women before killing them.

Police found the body of Henriet Suzukis, a woman, in a freezer that had been lying there for three years.

Henriette, 34, moved to her flat in Canning, north London, in August 2016 to live with Zahid Younis and has since disappeared.

The other woman was identified as 38-year-old Mehrikan Mustafa, better known as Jane.

Mehrikin Mustafa went missing in May 2018 and his body was found on April 27, 2019 in a freezer in Zahid Younis’ flat.

It may be recalled that the police had recovered the bodies of the two women from the accused’s flat on April 27, 2019.

Zahid Younis, popularly known as Boxer, confessed to placing the women’s bodies in the freezer in front of Southwark Crown Court, for which he was sentenced for not burying the dead legally and properly.

Before the court, the accused pleaded not guilty to the murder of the women but was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

The convict did not respond after being sentenced, but later refused to go to his cell for sentencing.

During the hearing, prosecutor Duncan Penny described the two women as weak.

He said that both the women were somehow living in fear and became homeless.

The court was told that the accused had bought a freezer immediately after the murder of Henriet Suzukis and that its main purpose was to hide the body.

The prosecutor said that when the police entered the flat of Zahid Younis, an officer saw flies flying over the cupboard, which he opened and found the tools inside.

The women were severely tortured and wounded before the killings, and both had scars on their heads and other parts of their bodies, he said.

Zahid Younis claimed that Henriette died while he was out of the flat and did not inform the police because he was worried.

He told the court that he did not kill Mehrikan Mustafa and did not know how she died.

He said a citizen helped to put Henriette in the freezer, who had paid for it, and his accomplices later blackmailed him to keep the remains of Mehrikan Mustafa in the freezer.

Senior Investigation Officer Sean Harding said that Zahid Younis is a very dangerous criminal who overpowered and brutally tortured vulnerable women.

The convict’s family was also present at the time of the verdict and was present at every hearing during the three-week trial. After the verdict, the convict’s sister said, “Thank God.”

“I was unable to locate my daughter in the UK,” said Maria, the mother of Henriet Suzukis in Hungary.

The family of Mehrikan Mustafa said that she was a mother of three children and with her death our family has changed forever