Luoyang seo-keyword optimization tips

When we do optimization, we often use some useful hints to improve the ranking of keywords, and these tips usually produce miraculous effects. Here are some common optimization tips.
First, the content reflects the content of the topic

In fact, this technique involves updating the content of the article as it is updated. This is also the current concern of search engines. How to reflect the theme? In fact, repeating keywords is not easy. We should think more about what content is most important to those looking for this topic.

Second, keyword design

The same is true for feedback on this topic, but this is a more direct way of reflecting the topic. Make more rude updates to the feedback on this topic.

Third, comments on the content page

In fact, we often think of a website as a complete site, preferably treating each page of the site as a different unit, and the home page should use more pages for comment.

Fourth, external processing skills

External processing skills are only external links and click help. In fact, this block can only be considered as a secondary block. Many people use this method to supplement external content. Improve rankings, but this worked in the past. Now we should pay more attention to the content.