Making the connection CompuServe

Making the connection CompuServe

Making the connection CompuServe

Now it’s time to connect to CompuServe, a task which is pretty easy. You can click the Connect button, and you are connected automatically. Or you can select a service (via the GO command, the Search command, the Favorited Places list, or various other areas), and you’ll automatically be connected to CompuServe and taken to that particular service.


If you have a multimedia PC hookup, CompuServe “talks” to you during certain operations. For example, every time you connect to the service, a voice says, “Welcome to CompuServe.”

CompuServe 3.0 actually uses another program to make the connection. By default, CompuServe sets up a connection (labelled “C3 Connection”) in Windows 95’s Dial-Up Networking. This connection enables you to use all the settings previously configured by Windows 95, without having to install a new connection program. Dial-Up Networking automatically connects to

CompuServe 3.0: Internet Savvy!

Here’s something else new about CompuServe 3.0: much of it resides on the Internet! More specifically, many new CompuServe services are being written in HTML so that they can be accessed via a Web browser. (HTML is the language of the World Wide Web, which allows “hyperlinks” between selected text/graphics and additional pages or areas.)
Fortunately, CompuServe 3.0 includes an integrated Web browser (a version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer). That means that CompuServe can display both normal CompuServe services and pages from the Web. In fact, it does this rather seamlessly, so it’s hard to tell whether you’re viewing a CompuServe-specific service or a CompuServe-created Web page.

For example, CompuServe’s Home Desktop is a CompuServe-specific window, while the Table of Contents is actually a Web page. Because CompuServe displays both types of screens flawlessly, it’s hard to tell which is which—and it
Really doesn’t matter. CompuServe can go directly to either type of screen and lets you add either screen to your Favorite Places list.
Because of this seamless integration of HTML pages to the CompuServe service, you need CompuServe 3.0 to take full advantage of all that’s there. If you’re trying to use an older version of CompuServe, you simply won’t be able to access all of the services now available on CompuServe.

CompuServe and logs on whenever you choose to connect, you don’t have to do anything else except select where you want to go. (in other words, Dial up Networking remembers you member ID and password, so you don’t have to enter them manually.)

Configuring CompuServe for your personal Information