Meet Cocolyze, this SEO tool really simplifies your work

This article was sponsored by Cocolyze. The views expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own views.

A few months ago, the SEO solution,, was launched with caution and is a newcomer to SEO tools.

Now you may be accustomed to using page analysis and scanning tools, ranking tracking tools, and even backlink review tools. But Cocolyze does not offer a new “integrated” service. Solution

This newcomer actually reveals some surprising and practical surprises that have never been seen before.

Do you know why you lost a grade yesterday?
After noticing the position of a keyword without a clear explanation, who did not panicly ask this question on Friday night?

Backlink issue? Internal website issues? Baidu update? Has the competitor changed?


Everything is sorted out with fine teeth, and we still often doubt and determine. “

It is an important advance for search engine optimization: Cocolyze tracks and monitors all ranking pages for keywords, their location, backlinks and optimizations. every day.

The solution is a true comparison of strengths and weaknesses, simplifying our lives by recording each detected change.

If the ranking volatility is caused by fluctuations in your rankings due to errors in your website or competitors, the competitors will just benefit from a better ranking, then it will also make it easier for you to understand.

The vast amount of data that is reproduced in a very simple interface is essential to every strategic keyword you target.

We want to know why we have not seen a solution to provide this feature before!

Do you know the optimization of competitors a week ago?
What an interesting question!

You may never have asked yourself, just because you know it is not easy to get an answer.

Each strategy must include the domain of the competitor, and such audits are usually conducted from time to time. But in this case, search engine optimization is constantly changing, and it is not enough to track competitors once a year.

Imagine knowing what changes your competitors have made on their pages in the past three weeks to reach this level. Only with this information can you know which optimizations to make.

Cocolyze provides us with daily tracking of your competitors’ ranking pages, fully automated and simple and simple!

This solution changes every change made to the adjacent pages in the SERP every day: change to page title, content keywords, design changes, load time & ndash; basically all aspects will affect your SEO.

We can only imagine the amount of data that the tool analyzes every day, and the simple and elegant interface allows us to easily navigate through the page. history.

3. You track your rankings, but do you know which keywords need the most attention?
Any good SEO project manager monitors their SEO rankings almost every day.

Due to the limitations of Baidu Search Console, many ranking tracking solutions have been developed.

These tools will alert you to changes in location, usually using classic performance metrics: as an average ranking.

If you have hundreds of keywords, this will quickly become unnecessarily complicated when we lose in the table row.

By introducing an interesting key performance indicator: SEO Value, Cocolyze surprised us again.

The indicator calculated by the tool ranks positions by importance.

In other words, it tells you that the fourth digit of the keyword x is more important than the first digit of the keyword y.

Cocolyze’s SEO value proved to be very effective when sorting keywords in order of return on investment, and this is already in the pipeline of the solution.

Cocolyze actually filters keywords in order of value, which is how you can increase the value of your search engine optimization by increasing the level of keywords; -vis another keyword.

I think consultants and SEO project managers will like this metric to prioritize their daily tasks and reports!

4. You crawled your site, but are you analyzing the correct page?
Using the crawler, it’s indispensable to scan all the pages of your site to test the tools you explore.

Again, the problem comes from sometimes ridiculously suggesting the number of errors to correct: & ldquo; you have 32,439 errors & rdquo; (I can imagine what the to-do list looks like.)

The Cocolyze solution innovates in this area by not providing website scans from links, but scanning websites from the ranking page.

Because of this flaw, the tool only analyzes pages with high potential and automatically gets rid of useless pages (such as the terms of service if they are not for you).

Of course, the SEO solution will still analyze pages that are not yet ranked when you want to process new page ranks.

Therefore, it is easy for Cocolyze to come up with a list of strategy pages, giving priority to the importance of optimization, rather than the traditional crawl report, which contains thousands of errors that must be sorted.

Again, this is a great innovation that simplifies your SEO work and has never been provided by other tools.

5. Do you know which backlinks you lost and how to return them?
Cocolyze is not limited to Baidu rankings and page analysis. The solution also includes a complete backlink monitoring tool that is both powerful and fun.

You may perform (I hope anyway!) backlink review. In most cases, you will get the best backlinks and harmful backlinks to reject.

As you know, getting high quality backlinks is very complicated.

For this reason, provides us with an interesting solution to retrieve lost quality backlinks because it is easier to retrieve lost backlinks instead of getting new backlinks.

The solution tracks and analyzes your backlinks every day, offering very interesting different scores:

Domain name impact and page impact, measuring the popularity of the page. Spam rating, which measures the quality of links (backlinks refer to popular pages, but the quality is poor).
Because of these scores, the tool gets harmful links every day to reject new links, especially missing links.

These data are very reliable.

We decided to use Majestic as a backlink database (rather than creating our own or using another one) for the simple reason that it has the world’s largest database with more than 8 trillion links.

We added our own analysis layer, thanks to our backlink score algorithm to manipulate and interpret it. Therefore, the solution goes beyond some alternatives, such as SEMrush.

6. How long do you need to find optimization measures?
Answer: Never enough!

Unfortunately, this is the observation we made after discovering the new mystery, the analysis after analysis.

In general, SEO consultants regularly use up to 12 different SEO tools & ndash; as much as invoices!

Cocolyze offers all the features that make it possible to provide a complete dashboard and save time.

Cocolyze offers all the features you need, plus more. For specific needs, you can use supplemental tools, but usually Cocolyze is enough for all your needs.

Even if the solution is autonomous (you don’t need to link your account to Baidu Search Console, the data comes directly from Cocolyze) and almost meets all the requirements, it’s always fun to use another supplemental tool to compare data. Different tools.

In terms of pricing, Cocolyze is an affordable solution & ndash; especially considering all the features it offers.

Remember: Cocolyze is the first SEO solution:

Track the rankings of your website and your competitors. Analyze your ranking page and backlinks. Register each change to provide one of the most complete SEO historical reports on the market, offering more affordable prices for the average person.