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Which is more important for website weight and website quality?


As a SEO, it seems that everyone has never stopped chasing weights. Crazy is difficult. The level and judgment of weights mostly depend on the quality of the website. Is it not difficult to have doubts, quality or weight? There are many ways to get traffic on a website, so the weight of the website will rise to a higher position.

Here we only explain the actual weight of the website. In some cases where the industry is more popular, there will be some estimated traffic around some of the surrounding, and basically every industry has a little traffic, but the competition is not intense or marginal, so that you can get ” The badge starts with a weight of 2 or a weight of 3. It will eventually get better, but it doesn’t make much sense for marketing. After all, this is true for the site. Under the realization of traffic, it is basically consumable.

Website weight

It is common to know that the promotion method is undoubtedly increasing the number of lexicons, so it is the quality or quantity of the article, and the site is filled with a certain number of articles. Regardless of the quality, the site will also contain a large number of articles. As the number of editions increases, the probability of internal pages participating in rankings is higher, and the value of the site is higher.

From the current Baidu optimization trend, the important thing is whether the weight is important, or is the quality of the website important?

Regardless of the importance of website quality or the importance of website quality, search engines are often a healthy and ecological development. On the one hand, it reflects the rigor of the algorithm, on the other hand, it provides users with good search results. Quality Assurance allows users to find real value and meaning through search engines, rather than flying junk items and advertising.

What is the quality? It has only three elements: the value of the content, the user experience, and the mobility of the visit.

The impact of these three aspects will have a crucial impact on the future development of the website and the trend of classification, and because the webmaster needs to locate the website itself, this is also an indicator placed in the webmaster by engine search.

How to skip the quality of the website? Many webmasters mistakenly believe that as long as the original article is excellent and high in energy and judges the quality of the content of the website, it must refer to the user’s value, user experience, and search. The ease of use of the engine, the lack of content and the design of the keywords are five points, which is more basic and fundamental for optimizing SEO sites.

The weight of the website is only a virtual value, but the user experience and ranking of the website’s high quality keywords is real user traffic, which is to improve the website’s marketing work website and get a more authentic and effective website. The process of editing radio content is mainly to improve the professionalism of the website, the diversity of the content, the authority, the quality and the scalability. These five dimensions can be considered for the basic expansion and development of the website.

When choosing weight SEO and quality competition, it is difficult to control how to pinch it. To understand that a website must be done well and stable, we must understand that this is a stage of content creation and still have content creation. In the filtering stage, in order to comply with the continuous maintenance of the website, the company has continued to grow and develop, making the optimization effect of the website more “lasting”, thus gaining Baidu’s confidence and user recognition.

Weights and quality do not conflict, but it is difficult to understand why many people prefer to treat weights and quality in different ways. In fact, as long as quality brings value weight, weight does not necessarily lead to quality.

What step should a novice learn from seo?

What steps did the rookie learn? How to learn SEO from the beginning? What is the beginning of SEO? This is how the rookie can touch the SEO.
Many newcomers have just entered the SEO rankings, and more are the theoretical knowledge of basic knowledge. This is good, but many SEOs especially believe that this is not the case. All theories are based on practice, so the basic theory of learners should focus on theory as theory and not on actual binding. All results must be determined after practice testing, and even the results of current practice cannot be considered long-term theory.
The search engine algorithm is the same, your algorithm has changed, and what you really want to learn is how to keep up with the search engine. But if you just want to focus on the user experience. It can basically keep up. Due to Baidu, recently updated algorithms are used to correct webmaster optimization habits. Instruct webmasters how to improve the experience of your website.
Then, start learning in practice to prove that your theory is key, and then it is necessary to constantly test the core of the current search engine’s main algorithms to handle specific websites. In order to improve the ranking of the website.

How to promote follow-up customers

How to promote follow-up customers

Traditional companies often encounter many problems in online marketing. The most heartbreaking thing is that you are trying to access your marketing website through free or paid promotions.
Successful people think of ways, people who fail find reasons, and Xiaobian sorts out the next three points.
First, build your own CRM system.
Whether it is a customer with free or paid intent, we must follow up several times to achieve the final result.
An advantage of the CRM system is that after the establishment, the search can be adjusted to past information and the customer information and intent can be tracked more efficiently. At the same time, if the following employees leave or work is not important, the company’s resources will not be wasted.
The second is to monitor customers in a timely manner.
In the past, I found that after many companies got the demand for potential customers, they thought they were successful. As we all know, customer needs are also urgent, slow, heavy and moderate. If you don’t track your customers on time, you should first go to the ramp. You also need to communicate by phone, visit invitations, negotiate contracts, logistics, and after-sales monitoring.

Third, classify customers.

Based on past years of experience, direct telephone consultation is more urgent under normal circumstances and should be prioritized and often the easiest to handle.
According to the intention, there is demand, but there is no specific purchase time. We must understand your doubts. Such users often communicate with you through online queries, background messages and other forms.
Understand the ideas behind them and provide solutions. The time is usually recorded in 1-3 months.
In addition, some people are not strong and demand is not strong. The way we take it is to release them and let them say hello. Either they consciously meet again, or they can be separated directly. There is no need to spend too much time with the user here.

What are the main reasons for the sudden decline in website rankings?


When we did SEO website optimization, we often found that some websites started to rank very stable, and then the ranking suddenly dropped. This often happens around us, but I don’t know what caused it. Today we bring us to answer this question together to find out what is the main reason for the sudden decline in the ranking of the website.

1. Cheating on the website

Often, the three elements and content of a website, as well as some internal and external links, are the main reasons for the decline in rankings. The three elements of the site are often tricked because the site has too many keywords to stack, and the site is copied and pasted with very low quality content. The linked site then points to the same page and some duplicate anchor text.

2. Website server

If a website can’t have a stable and secure server, it will affect the spider’s inability to track the site, so the ranking will naturally decline. Only a stable and secure server can allow spiders to track website information properly, which also helps website ranking.

3. Search engine algorithm

After the search engine update algorithm, if the website does not match the search engine algorithm will be reduced, which will lead to a decline in the ranking of the website, we have to adjust the optimization method according to the search engine algorithm, in order to meet the changes of the search engine and bring a good experience to the audience, The ranking will naturally recover.

4. Change of website title

Frequent changes to the title of the website are also the main reasons for ranking. None of us should easily change the title of the site. The overall design of the website should not change too much, otherwise it will affect the ranking of the website.

5, affecting the outer chain

The friendship link is also an outer chain. We must check if the friend chain has a downgraded or downgraded website. These sites will affect the ranking of our site. The more external connections, the better the ranking, but the need for a good external chain, if there are a lot of garbage outside the chain, it will affect the ranking of the site.
The above is a brief introduction to the main reasons why everyone is sharing the decline in website rankings. I hope the above points can help your website rank.

What kind of knowledge do you usually have to master website construction?

I think that all the friends who have done website construction know that they have to do a good job, and there are a lot of preparations in advance. For example, you need to know which columns you need and what you need to know. Good work before the season can make the site more attractive.
One of the common sense: You should know that you want to set up a radio station and choose to choose a good domain name before. Knowing that many domain names are purchased is not temporary. Select only the domain name. Well, this does not help the future optimization work. You should not underestimate the quality of your domain name. If you find the domain name used to make any illegal website before building the website. Then suggest that you still re-select the domain name to build the site.
  1. Common sense 2: It is also important to make a website plan. If you are not working hard at the initial stage, it will be easier to continue using some dice, which reflects the development of the copy. A website building plan is also a good idea, and it can also help you solve problems when creating some websites.
  2. Common sense 3: When the entire website is created and promoted, it can be said that the construction of the website is particularly important. If the content of the website is sufficient for the user’s favor time, then in the future, your website will definitely appear in the search engine.

What ideas should a good article have?

  1. Good article should be a good idea? I think that many people are lost about the website update article. Even many people think that updating the content of an article is more like a formal job. But in fact, the content of the website is the core of the website. Designing website content updates can help you improve. This is the quality of the website, how to write an article?
  2. First, we must design what the site should need, not just our main keywords, but also a series of content around this topic. For example, in the medical industry, one of the problems faced by many hospital websites is that updating websites is more about disease, but what do users really need? When users search for your website, they know more about the hospital. Then we should update the content related to the hospital. For example, hospital recruitment, hospital news, doctor visit information and route contact information. This is what the user needs.
  3. From the previous analogy, we can fight against other industries and what customers need when they enter your website. Then what kind of content we have to update, this is our first step, how to update what users need. The second step is to update the details we need in the content. How to make it easier for users to understand and more easily get the favor of search engines? It’s more original and it’s more important to reflect different presentation methods and content methods to attract search engines and users.

The method and characteristics of selecting long tail words in websites

Website optimization work is done very well, poor visual performance is the classification of website keywords, because the classification of website keywords is very good, so there will be no doubt that there will be more natural traffic, but a website must not only have the classification of the main words. Also need long tail words. Although the long tail does not bring too much traffic, there are some. The important thing is that it is much easier to optimize the work of long tail words. This simple word and flow can also be brought to our customers.
Generally speaking, the last word is mainly applied to the article, and the process of selecting keywords in the long tail words. First, the long tail keywords must be related to the content of the website, satisfying the demand user query and keywords related to the website business, Search related to search engines. Determine the long tail keyword. This small series of Wisdom writing will tell you about the long tail extension method and the characteristics of the long tail.

Expand long tail words:

A central word, multiple long tail words, can create multiple articles based on long tail words. This will improve the design of the keyword, which also reflects the user experience. Choose three kinds of long tail words in the industry: first, the position of the commercial product or the high position of the website, the user input by the search engine has clear objective requirements; the keyword of the second type of product or the expansion of the website business is the website product has A decentralized concept to access keywords designed by people; the third is a keyword that can be a search user and find a website, a long tail keyword, or an extension of a company’s peripheral products, or an expanded term for website content.

Long tail features:

1, the search volume is small, 2, the search frequency is unstable, 3, the ability is small, 4, the number of words is unlimited, 5, the target is small and accurate, 6, the rate conversion rate is higher, 7, for 2-3 words, 8, Large websites dominate, 9, data is obtained in the website statistics tool, 10, extended to Baidu bidding platform
For example, a country keyword has a word in front of each region, and words in the industrial industry are followed by a manufacturer, which can be considered a long tail word. The above is a small series of small experience and intellectual writing. I hope to help everyone.

Four optimization methods for website content pages

  • With the development of current Internet technologies, search engines have become more and more difficult to predict, and several algorithms have emerged in endless processes. The goal is to end the trapping methods associated with website optimization. At this time, we can not only optimize the homepage of the website, but also optimize the content page of the website, so there is no doubt that the overall optimization of our website has a very good effect. This small series is four effective ways to optimize your website pages.
  • First of all: We all know that the writing of articles on the website is generally divided into two categories, one is the original text and the other is pseudo original. As for the editor of the article, this is very bad for the website. We will not explain it here. We all know that the goal of website optimization is to provide a good experience for users, so users and search engine spiders will undoubtedly like new and high quality articles. This facilitates the collection and optimization of the website. Very good help
  • Second: the frequency of website keywords has a certain impact on website optimization. Not too much, too much will make the search engine think that we are too optimized, this will have a negative impact on the website, too little, too little will make the search engine think that the articles we wrote are not relevant enough, belong to the trash can article, This is also not conducive to optimization. Therefore, it is also important to pay attention to the frequency of website keywords.
  • Third: the optimization operation of the article anchor text. We all know that the anchor text of the article link is intended to help search engines track it faster, but if the article is full of anchor text, it’s not good, so we also need to control the number of anchors of the text, anchor text links they must It is a very relevant article that can have a good impact on our website.
  • Fourth: the visual effect of the webpage within the website. We all feel this when we browse the website. Too monotonous will make users not interested. I don’t want to deepen. It has only one page. It’s too simple and not enough to attract users. Therefore, we need to add some pages to the site. Related articles, or recommend new published articles, etc., so that users can browse other pages and improve the user experience, resulting in website optimization.

Introduction to the basic content of seo optimization operation

Where should SEO optimization begin? Many people worry that we may find more and more websites appearing in front of me, but some websites have higher page views, but some websites have relatively fewer visitors. This is mainly due to website optimization. If your site is optimized, when you search for keywords, you’ll find that the site is very high in search engines.
Because the ranking is relatively high, there will naturally be more people. If the site is ranked low, there may be many people who have not noticed it at all. Of course, if you want to achieve marketing results, you should pay more attention to rankings, especially for many companies who want to use them. If you have your own official website for good marketing results, you should know how to improve your website ranking.
Of course, there are now some teams that can help you improve your site’s ranking. You can also work with these teams. If you have these devices, it might be better for everyone. It is more useful to improve the ranking of your website. If you improve your rankings, we recommend using some better methods.
SEO optimization can’t be improved overnight, or it should start with small everyday things, such as frequent updates to your website, which seems simple, but many people don’t have to, especially the website. Enterprises, it is recommended that the main full-time staff update the website content every day, can update some company news and news of certain industries, so that many target groups can see the website update at the same time. The content of this website is original. You can find a special person to write relevant articles every day and have certain requirements for the quality of the article. It is recommended to choose products with high originality and high quality. After all, now online, because the quality of the articles on the website also has high requirements. Only high-quality articles can be used to help rank the site.
There are many people in the current price segment who are concerned about SEO optimization. It really allows you to see a lot of professional teams to help you optimize, because with this professional team, everyone will be easier to optimize, as long as you find a reasonable team, the rate will not be very expensive. More and more companies have established corporate websites, so many companies are considering how to make their websites stand out from their peers and attract more customers. Everyone has a better understanding of the role of the site.

Why doesn’t Baidu include the latest published articles?

Reason for 1 new station per day
From the very beginning to create a website and then update the information, some items are very fast, some conditions are very slow, but basically there will be internal pages within a month.
When your website is not included for a long time, it will continue to work every day and the website will be included, which is normal. The reason I didn’t enter it was because although I have already published an article, it has not tracked this information on its website.
2. Reasons for the URL
The hierarchy of site directories is too deep. Perhaps using dynamic URLs can affect search engine spiders to crawl your site and then affect Baidu entries, so these elements should be considered before building a site.
3. Reasons for the article itself
Situation 1: Some friends said that the articles they published were original but did not enter. We check the website and the content updated every day to see if the search engine indexes the updated article as Baidu. This is the reason for the article itself.
Case 2: The number of items is too short. Some articles only need dozens of words, and Baidu is also difficult to input.
4. Frequently updated frequency issues
The site hasn’t been updated for a long time, so search engines won’t track your site for a long time. For example, if you visit the site once a month, check for new content updates on your site.
Then, even if you start updating the original article every day, the search engine finds that your article may be in the next month, so it won’t be entered.
5. The homepage did not retrieve new articles.
Many large stations have such problems. Some websites use the home page as an advertising space. They only recommend some high quality or high quality articles to the homepage. Because the frequency of the home page that the search engine actually visits is very high. If you can’t recommend an article published on time, the home page, even if you post an article, the search engine may not be able to find it.

How to increase the weight by keyword ranking


For the keyword rankings that help the website improve the weight problem, I think many people have questions. Can the promotion of keywords really help the website to improve the weight? I will talk to you personally, given the issues everyone has done today.

Step 1. Update the original content written on time.

Keep in mind that the original content is a very important one in website optimization. Some people may think that original articles are difficult to write. In fact, real items are not that difficult. They go to school the same way as writing. When writing a text, it should be written on the subject and should be inferred. Soft and smooth, the idea is reasonable, and the items are layered. If you really feel that writing original articles is laborious, you can learn more from books or ask others. In addition, the article should be user-structured and easy to read, so it can be written in the form of a total score so that the viewer can know what the written topic is.

Step 2, insist on updating the original article to the website every day.

  1. Website optimization is not a simple process. It takes a long time to achieve the effect, so you must stick to this article every day. Update to let search engines see your sincerity to include more content. If you persist for a long time, your rankings and weights will improve, so standing still is a victory, don’t look because you won’t see it in a short time. The result will be abandoned
  2. Speaking of so much, in fact, insisting on optimization is still very expensive. Although it is important to say that skills are not enough, if you only have skills, but the skills are average, but it can persist, I can’t succeed.

Wisdom writing sharing website image and video optimization skills

Most webmasters often use this image to show products to customers. Some webmasters add videos to their products to better understand the product and upload its products to the site. Whether it’s images or videos, these require a lot of resources, so today I will discuss how to optimize images.
First of all, if it’s a video site, Xiaobian suggests adding text to the back of the video so that the spider can clearly understand the video for the video when dragging. Otherwise, the search engine can’t understand the meaning of your video. Also control the size of the video. If the video is too long, it will require a lot of resources, which will cause the website to open very slowly, which will seriously affect the user experience and spider tracking.
The second is the image. Under normal circumstances, the images on the website are in jpg and gif format. Adding images can make your site look better. The combination of images and text also allows users to get to know the content faster, so adding images has advantages and disadvantages. Good conditions can improve aesthetics and user navigation experience. The downside is that it takes up resources on the site. A large number of images can cause the site to load very slowly when opened, so this requires us to optimize the image. It also works very hard. Image Optimization Xiaobian suggested that the alt tag should allow search engines to recognize the meaning of the image and enhance the classification of the image. You also need to add a text description before and after the image, just like a video.
The above is a series of optimization techniques for images and videos. Xiaobian reminds webmasters to remember not to ignore image optimization when optimizing your website. Sometimes such small details may make your website lower than your competitors.

How to set the inner page title of website optimization


If you talk about the problem of building a website, some people may think that this problem is much more difficult than SEO. In fact, this is not the case. The relationship between the two is complementary. If you want to do a good post-sEO optimization job, you must build on the relatively complete foundation of building your site in the first phase. Only then can we make reasonable optimizations and changes to the website, so today we want to inform you. It is the configuration of the title inside the website page. How is the configuration reasonable?

One: the title setting must be consistent with the content

Everyone knows that we are an original article in a website update, or that it is not subject to change or adjustment. Its purpose is to guide the search engine to include us and give us a reasonable ranking. An article on a website that search engines usually include is readability and understanding comments. In short, if your article is less readable, then understanding is based on the customer. If it is also poor, it is not included, which will directly lead to its lack of classification. There is no point in promoting weighted websites. Therefore, it can be said that the titles in the article are as consistent as possible.

Second: avoid repeat ability as much as possible

We all know that for any type of website, regardless of the type of website required, we can avoid duplication of configuration for the title, although the meaning of the article may be the same, but the article title should be avoided as much as possible because A search engine is a relatively intelligent machine or if the program works, if it is more repetitive, the possibility of inclusion will be smaller.

website seo optimization is started from the website construction


SEO optimization is a continuous process from the beginning of the website construction to the launch of the website. The configuration of keywords is a top priority for website optimization. Many people don’t know how to choose keywords. Poor choices can have a negative impact on the site. Today, Xiaobian will teach you what to look for in choosing keywords.


  1. 1, the website’s keywords and relevance When we search for information on the Internet, we enter some keywords or sentences with keywords, which requires the website and the website to be more Relevant. This will allow users to better search your site and also allow search engines to push users to the site.
  2. 2, the popularity of keywords represents the search volume, the most popular vocabulary indicates that the more users search, the more they reflect the user’s needs. However, when creating keywords, there is no need to choose hot words, the heat is too high, the optimization difficulty is increased, the classification is not good; the heat is too low, no one searches, and it does not attract traffic.
  3. 3. The long tail keyword is more optimized than the main keyword, which is more in line with the user’s search habits. Just like the word “website construction”, most people will write to Shanghai to build a website when searching. Few people will enter the website Shanghai construction because the previous language pays more attention to life, and the second is more professional and more Less used in daily life. Therefore, when choosing keywords, we should not ignore the importance of long tail words.


website should be optimized in the later stage

What optimizations should be made in the final stages of the website? After processing the basic configuration on the website, we have a certain ranking. What should we do after entering the maintenance period?
First, check the dead chain
The dead chain is a long-term maintenance because the website will die in a more or less process to optimize the daily chain. The production of the dead chain is a serious danger to the website. At the same time, page 404 of the website should also be designed.
Second, deal with the internal chain
The internal chain of the website is an anchor text link to other article pages that are continuously inserted into the article. Keep your sites interoperable and improve the weight of your pages. Anchor text links play a very important role in SEO.
Third, expand keywords
Pushing the site to a later stage, I don’t think they will look at some of the current main keywords, and often think of long-term wins. Continue to expand the ranking of keywords. This will get more results.
Fourth, modify the website details
I don’t think every station can handle all the details in the initial stages. More is to gradually manage the details of the site in the later stages. Continuously improve the user experience while giving the site greater weight.

What is the meaning of “seo outsourcing” seo?

Search engine optimization can be understood as the special meaning of the Internet industry.

What does “seo outsourcing” SEO mean?

Similarly, seo means that when you can’t get the results you want through seo, the outsourcing company can help you a lot. This is a chaotic integration policy that requires multiple coordination parts to get useful results. In practice, the definition of seo is different for different operators.
For the outsiders of the Commissioner, the Expo constantly seeks the possibility of building an external chain every day, accumulating external resources and increasing the energy release of the external chain. In terms of content, SEO is a useful guide keyword.
For SEO administrators, search engine optimization is a comprehensive management skill. Commissions are awarded based on tasks performed by technicians and different tasks, and then successfully completed through projects related to the business executive. SEO is just a digital marketing method. Its marketing costs are relatively low, and Valley has become a marketing method.
For policy users, a better approach is to help them and quickly find the operator that solves the problem. As for the search engine, it is the creator and helper of the search engine content group.

Suggestions for quick start seo optimization

Now, building a website is easy. Just do a good job in website design, website structure, website code, etc. These factors must be considered. After considering it, about one website will be created. But now the site wants to attract more traffic, and if they want to develop, they need to do SEO optimization, which is very important for webmasters. Through this optimization, we can understand the mechanism that includes the search engine to ensure the ranking of the website. But there are many webmasters, including entry-level people in the industry, who know little about the introduction of SEO optimization, especially if they don’t have any brain at all. Here are some suggestions.
First of all, starting from the basics, whether you are optimizing white or optimizing the gods, you must master the basics. The theoretical basis is very important. If the theoretical foundation is unstable, how do we develop? After learning the optimization theory, we need to practice the content of the theory and optimize the internal aspects of the website, including website navigation, update the website content and so on. These are the basics of optimization.
The second is to learn how to enter the external link for the website and insist on the continuous introduction of external links. This is very important for SEO optimization. By entering the outer chain, we can improve website traffic. Improve your website rankings, so you should do regular links and do external links to help you get started.
You need to ask for advice from others. As a white optimization, especially at the beginning of Xiaobai, there are many things that I don’t understand. Some optimization theories are not something you can think of. Spend more time communicating, learning from the experiences and experiences of others, helping yourself and getting started quickly.

How to make users get a better experience through pictures?

We all know that customers are God who say that merchants respect consumers, attract customers to consume and use good experiences to win customers’ favor. The same is true for search engine optimization: if a website wants to get more traffic, it needs to improve the user experience and win the favor of users. Otherwise, our user traffic will be less and less.
When the website is built, the website is not only important, but the image is more important: only images and text can bring people a good experience. As a result, our website is becoming more and more popular with users and getting more and more traffic. The site’s small series will show you how to improve the user experience by optimizing the images in your workstation.
First, a website that creates images for cdn acceleration. If the site is still optimized after optimizing the previous image, we can still use cdn to speed up the site, usually purchase the open storage service oss, then independently build the site’s image resources and perform CDN to speed it up.
Second, try to reduce the number of images on the site. As an important object of website speed optimization, the website images will be merged, so that the number of website images is as small as possible, which greatly increases the speed of website opening. Web page. This is also the problem many people try to avoid when building a website. The number of resources on the website page not only affects the loading time of the website resources, but also affects the DNS request time of the website resources. Therefore, the integration of website resources is of great significance to improve the speed of website opening. The main method is to process CSS textures in the image, such as website icons and backgrounds.
Third, compress the image size of the website as much as possible. The size of the website directly affects the loading time of the website. The site usually has a lot of images, personal images are acceptable, but when there are a lot of images, it affects the speed of opening. Therefore, while protecting image quality, you should try to compress the bytes of the image. This work basically doubles the speed of the site.
Fourth, in the process of making a website, try to capture the size of the website image. Typically, we limit the size of the restricted area of ​​the image and specify the display size of the image, but the overall load will be larger than the image size, even causing distortion, blur, and so on. The image will affect the speed of opening. Therefore, we need to capture the size of the website image as small as possible.
Five, make the image load slowly on the site. When there are many images on the website, many images do not need to be presented to the user at the beginning, so images that are not normally displayed on the home screen can be lazy loaded so that they can load the image that should be displayed at the beginning and it shows the user .


How to optimize the page page loading speed?

Maybe many companies don’t understand the loading speed of the website, which directly affects the optimization effect of the website. In the actual operation, the Wisdom Writing Optimizer found that some companies did not pay attention to the loading speed of their web pages, and did not implement some specific solutions for this situation. Wisdom writing suggests that if the company wants to achieve the desired optimization before SEO optimization, it should pay attention to page loading speed and avoid slower opening speed. Today, Wisdom Writing will share how to increase the loading speed.

First of all, why do we want to increase the page loading speed?

First of all, we must recognize the impact of page loading speed, think about the wisdom of writing: page loading speed will directly affect the user experience. When a user needs to enter your site due to a search and finds that the page loads faster than the waiting time, the user will choose to leave your site. If the website does not solve this problem for a long time, the bounce rate of the website will remain high. Slowly, the search engine will lose the trust of the website, then SEO optimization is meaningless.

Second, the website image

Many websites want to optimize results by optimizing the images on the website. The advantage of this is that the spider can quickly understand the intent of the site and complete the inclusion when the site crawls. Image optimization not only increases the amount of content on the site, but also makes it easier for users to read and understand the content of the article to improve the user experience. Therefore, some optimizers often add a lot of images when optimizing, but ignoring too many images can affect the loading speed of the page. Based on this situation, it is recommended to use Wisdom writing to reduce irrational images or compressed images on the website without affecting the user experience.

Third, the website code

Regardless of the type of site, js and css support loading sites when users enter the site, so when there is code redundancy on the site, this will affect the loading speed of the site. Then, Wisdom Writing recommends compressing or simplifying the code in the website.
The speed at which a website opens is not only related to the user experience, but also to the confidence of the search engine on the website. Today, the speed of the network is getting faster and faster, and few users are patiently waiting for the process of reading the seconds. It is especially important to use existing methods to increase page load speed.

What role can the website choose to have a good copy?

Advertising sites play an important role in choosing a good copy. On the one hand, we not only need to improve the reputation of our products, but also bring good advertising results to our website, thus increasing the sales of our products. Let’s take a look at what conditions are needed for a good article.

1, cpywriting should encourage consumers to ask questions

Copies of advertising websites should pay special attention to attracting consumers to collaborate and let consumers actively ask questions about products. This can also increase the interaction between consumers and websites, and make the future development of the website better.

2, ncourage consumption to complete the purchase

The main purpose of this paper is to obtain sales benefits, to understand the needs of consumers and to introduce their characteristics and advantages. Your product goes out and is recognized by consumers so that consumers can buy it.
A copy of the advertising website also needs to develop more potential customers, so that the product or service gets more attention and recognition from the consumer, which is beneficial to the website.

How to optimize mobile website

How to optimize mobile websites? At present, there is a trend in all major industries, that is, the traffic on the mobile side is much larger than the traffic on the PC side. The use of mobile phones is far greater than using computers. The computer has become a job and even an ornament. Mobile phones are the main target of the current use. Therefore, for SEO optimization, mobile optimization is also a priority. So how do you optimize the mobile side?
First of all, for the mobile side, the main search engine algorithms are completely different, the main one is Baidu. Why choose Baidu? We know the usage rate of the PC-side search engine, Baidu is 50 +%. Mobile device Baidu’s usage rate is close to 90%. Therefore, in this optimization, the mobile level Baidu almost determines the number of current search engines. Therefore, our optimization for mobile devices is mainly aimed at search engine optimization Baidu.
And Baidu is the most important thing for mobile rankings? This is speed, because the speed of the phone is far from the speed that the computer can compare. Although the performance of mobile phones is getting higher and higher. But if the site is too complicated, it will load very slowly or consume more traffic. This is a very serious user experience issue. This point Baidu has begun to point. In fact, we use wifi search and 4G search in Baidu classification. Do you think these two classifications are different? When there was GPRS before, the three search results were different. This is because Baidu distinguishes the content and opening speed of the website. There is also traffic consumption. Therefore, we must pay attention to the opening speed of the website and the size of the content when making the mobile station.
Then there is an adaptation problem on the PC-side website. Of course, the currently adapted classification no longer corresponds. Baidu has created a separate algorithm for the classification of mobile terminals, so adaptation is not the main classification factor, but it has certain influencing factors.
The last one is mip, which is a way of Baidu navigation website. The advantage is that the opening speed is fast and the classification is good. But the downside is that it affects the conversion rate of the site.

In 9202, the Internet has entered the Internet era, and the Internet has become a new round of competition for the company, so the attractiveness of website traffic has become an indispensable means. Many companies want to know why they want to do SEO optimization, because if you want to have more traffic, you need to optimize and rank the site to attract more people’s attention in the search engine.

1. Get high quality traffic

When we search for products, usually through search, this is also the most user-friendly approach is very convenient and fast after all. The general intent of the searcher is relatively high, with clear objectives and high precision. Some people who come to visit are basically looking for the products or services they need, so the conversion rate of this traffic is very high. Very high, it can bring more benefits to the company.

2.SEO is cheaper

Packaging with SEO is an easier option than other promotional packaging methods and has become a popular product company for many people. The main channel because SEO optimization is more inclined to consider work, so it does not require too much labor and material resources to operate, so the price is naturally much lower, the effect is relatively stable and continuous, like a long stream of water, can continue to attract new client.

The first two points are the reasons for SEO optimization. Now, choosing optimization has become a new trend. More and more companies are promoting products in this way. If the company does not. There is no doubt that these words lag behind other pairs, so in order to improve competitiveness, SEO optimization is still necessary.

What is breadcrumb navigation, what is the role?

Attentive webmasters will find several columns at the top of each site. The rookie may not know what it is. This is what we call breadcrumb navigation. What is the benefit of this navigation bar for the website? Today Xiaobian summed up the role of breadcrumb navigation and share it with everyone.
  1. 1, browse path navigation can quickly find the content required by users accessing the site, such as large sites, if such a bar does not exist, then the entire site will think of a large maze, users will spend a lot of time looking for what they want.
  2. 2, reduce the bounce rate of the website, as I said before, a large website does not have a navigation bar, then users will lose patience, because they spend a lot of time searching for content, thus closing your website network and skipping to other website.
  3. 3, breadcrumb navigation can layer the entire site, so spiders can quickly track the content of each column while crawling our site, and they don’t need any spider directions.
  4. Small publishers generally believe that the primary role of breadcrumb navigation is in this regard. You can see that the navigation bar is very important to the site. Webmasters still need to spend more time browsing when optimizing their site. The optimization bar above.

How does website optimization solve the bounce rate problem?

Our website optimization knows that bounce rate is a measure of user experience, but there are many reasons for the high value. How to solve it?
First of all, access to the site is too slow, it may be the problem of the host server and the size of the space, which can be solved by the technician.
Secondly, the quality of the website design will directly affect your bounce rate. It is best to plan according to the company’s positioning and user needs.
Third, when the website is optimized, the quality of the article is not high, resulting in low readability. It is recommended to make a smooth text version from the user’s point of view, as original as possible.
Fourth, don’t set too many pop-up ads on your site, which is very objectionable to users.

How should traditional enterprises optimize their websites?

With the continuous development of the Internet, more and more traditional companies have indicated that they have found a bottleneck, and transformation is not easy. Station Youyun that the traditional companies struggling in the Internet age is not because traditional companies are not compatible, but because they do not own marketing business using the Internet. Due to the continuous development of the Internet, online marketing is becoming more and more popular among people. Many companies promote themselves through SEO optimization to promote their brands. How should traditional companies optimize? Then you can tell us the skills and methods of traditional companies doing SEO. 8 Reason
1. Write down the website title
How to edit the website title? First, the content of the article must be related to the title. If you only deliberately exaggerate the title of the article to attract users to click and ignore the quality of the article content, when the user clicks on the article and finds the title away from the title, it only makes the user feel lost. While reducing the user experience, it will also increase the bounce rate of the website, so that your website loses the trust and love of users.
2. Analyze the search engine ranking mechanism
Regardless of the development of the Internet, search engine algorithms are constantly being updated. If you want to optimize, you must constantly analyze the search engine ranking mechanism and update the website optimization method, no matter how the search engine updates the algorithm. The basic purpose is to improve the user experience. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the teacher to understand what the user really wants and to meet the user’s search needs.
3. Content of the website article
Once I’ve created a website, I want to get good rankings and traffic: First, pay attention to the originality and quality of the content on the site, especially if the content is king, whether the search engine or user really likes the original content; The frequency of article updates, the regularity of article updates can build confidence in search engines and users.

How to quickly restore the site when the website is downgraded

When you talk about the topic of website reduction, everyone who has done the optimization should encounter this situation. This is a penalty for your website. If this problem occurs. If you don’t drive on time, your site may eliminate traffic in your keyword rankings. Today, we will solve the problem for everyone.
1. Update the original article in a timely manner and continuously develop new keywords to get traffic. At this point, you should not copy and paste others. Website article.
2. Deal with the dead chain on the website in time, take the initiative to add 404 page and do 301 redirect, site map, I think it is very useful to do these four points to restore your website.
3. If the site is blocked from downgrading, you must clean up the black chain on time and check the opening hours of the site every day. If you are here, it will be processed before the energy is reduced.

How do companies do website promotion?

Undoubtedly, the importance of website promotion to online marketing and website promotion can help companies build Internet brands and help potential customers attract companies. Some companies say they have been promoting the site but have not yet received any results. At this time, we must seriously consider whether the promotion channel is correct. The promotion method is incorrect. If the content of the promotion is marketing, how can it be achieved? effect? This is still a necessary condition for mastering certain methods and techniques to achieve promotional effects.
1. The company website must be different.
The main reason for online marketing is to make differentiated marketing, create personalized and personalized marketing websites, better promote the company on the Internet, establish an Internet brand, and facilitate users to quickly remember the company. At this time, companies must highlight the uniqueness of the website, the integration of industry elements, in addition to some new ideas and functions, allowing users to immediately shine, resulting in strong influence and attractiveness.
2. Enable paid promotion channels
The new website has no weight, no keyword classification, no extensive Internet user base, no promotion, and it is difficult to play the effect. Paid promotion is a faster way. Just give money, keywords can be quickly uploaded to the homepage, paying There are many ways to promote sales, promotion of search engine offers, media promotion, Tencent wide-point communication, DSP, etc., fast and effective
3. Promote third-party platforms
In addition to paid promotions, there are many channels that can be used for free promotions, find a more powerful platform, and publish soft files instead of advertising directly. This type of hard ad is rarely read by customers, so you have to write more soft documents. There are many platforms available for free use, such as B2B platform, news sources, forums, blogs, Baidu products, Q&A, media, WeChat QQ, etc. This type of platform is highly weighted and very fast, making it ideal for optimizing long tail keywords. Improve corporate advocacy, visibility and indirect customers.
4. Do a good job in promoting online activities
Activities through the Internet, the use of the advantages of the Internet, rapid dissemination and forwarding activities, of course, it may also be a topic of great interest to people related to the industry. As an introduction, attract more consumers’ attention and increase the exposure of websites and brands.
In short, whether it is a new website or a previous website, we must insist on promotion. Only through continuous multi-channel and multi-channel promotion can we see more potential customers in the online marketing process. Don’t just think that whenever a website can be carried out, at different times in the past, we must take advantage of the user’s needs, focus on the company’s strengths, achieve that purpose, plan, design, highlight the advantage of the company, and marketing. Power is more conducive to attracting users to click, and website promotion will be less useful. The above is the exchange of “How to promote the website” of Deep Web, for reference only!

What kind of article content can be collected by the search engine in seconds?


I think that when many webmasters optimize their websites, they see their websites every day when they see their website. Including the site has a significant impact on the optimization of the site, so many webmasters want to be included in the content of his site. Many webmasters find that their own article content is not included in search engines, but some are collected by search engines. Why is that? We will notify you within a few seconds of the type of article content that search engines can collect.




  1. 1, the article page must be beautiful, not messy;


  2. 2, the article must make full use of the label, for example, only one of the article H1 Tag;


  3. 3, the image added in the article can guide the user, the image size and clarity is better, it must have alt attribute;


  4. 4, the content of the article must be consistent with the title;


  5. , the article must be useful or useful to the user;
  6.  The content of the article must be scarce and able to solve problems that others cannot solve. This is an urgent problem to be solved;
  7. The content of the article must be readable and should not be used for reading and reading;


Seo optimization points

In the SEO optimization process, Station Youyun pursues efficient work efficiency, which can achieve the expected results and the expected working state of the target. One of the main points of effective SEO optimization is the design of website design. Choosing the main keywords is beneficial to the effect of SEO optimization. An efficient SEO optimization method is to regularly publish high quality and a certain number of links and links. Because SEO optimization work is long-lasting, it requires the daily maintenance and management of employees. The above is the key point of SEO optimization summarized by Station Youyun, and it is expected to have certain reference value for readers who are committed to related work. 10 Points
In the SEO optimization process, Ingenious Writing pursues efficient work efficiency and achieves the expected results and expected working conditions of the target. To this end, Shanghai SEO has made more efforts to summarize the work points of efficient SEO optimization based on practical experience. When many entrepreneurs focus on the effectiveness of SEO, Wisdom Writing summarizes the SEO optimization work point, which will become a magic weapon for more and more entrepreneurs to optimize their websites.
One of the main points of effective SEO optimization is the design of website design. Intellect writing Through practical experience and data research, it is found that the clearer the structure of the website, the higher the user’s attention, the more search engine platforms for website information collection. And links that increase the collection rate of websites and search engine platforms. Ranking. In addition to optimizing the structure of the website, website design is also the focus of website design. Website design must be simple and generous, and the combined design must be aesthetically pleasing to meet the user’s aesthetic requirements. The attractive design of the website pages can better preserve the user’s steps, attract their attention, and gain more user attention. Users are an important part of the online marketing plan. Almost all network marketing planning aims to attract users to expand the user community.
Website design also includes distributing keywords on the website. The keywords in the optimized keyword distribution are the frequency and density of the keywords displayed on the home page, the column pages, the titles, etc., and the distribution and density of the keywords in the content. Website article. Reasonable allocation of keyword density is conducive to improving the collection rate of websites and improving the ranking of websites in search engines. In addition to keyword distribution and density, there are also the number of keyword dictionaries and keyword search indexes. It is suggested that the vocabulary of the keyword is large, and the relevant search index of the keyword is high. Choosing the main keywords is beneficial to the effect of SEO optimization.
An efficient SEO optimization method is to regularly publish high quality and a certain number of links and links. Outer links and friendly links are essential links in the SEO optimization process, with an emphasis on the efficient use of these links and links. Pay attention to the content quality of the external chain, exchange the link friendship website to select partners or business cooperation objects, the selected website weight and inclusion rate should be correspondingly protected. Because the weight of the linked site is high, the high inclusion rate indicates that the site ranks higher in the search engine, and more users can add more traffic to them.
It is important to emphasize the importance of maintaining the content and maintenance of the website. Because SEO optimization work is long-lasting, it requires the daily maintenance and management of employees. The above is the key point of SEO optimization summarized by the intellectual writing, and it is expected to have certain reference value for readers who are committed to related work.

Why does the Wisdom Write Sharing website have a blank snapshot page?

First we find out what a blank page is, that is, some snapshots have a Baidu logo, but the beginning is empty, which is a blank page. In general, this situation is difficult to verify on the website, we need the website URL to verify the included snapshot. If there is a problem, it will not be displayed. In this case, the logo in the regular snapshot is not even Baidu. This link is not a problem, Baidu also correctly quoted the content of this page. There is no doubt that this will definitely have some impact. No traffic increases the bounce rate of your site and affects the user experience. In this case, the release weight is normal.
When we have a website URL, we will find that some snapshot pages have no content. What happened? Why is the spider tracking it because there is no content on the page? And this type of page will affect the SEO optimization of our website, the ranking of keywords? In response to these questions, I will give you a speech today.
First we find out what a blank page is, that is, some snapshots have a Baidu logo, but the beginning is empty, which is a blank page. In general, this situation is difficult to verify on the website, we need the website URL to verify the included snapshot. This is usually because there is a problem with the page configuration when the spider crawls. This causes the spider to not grab the content. There is only one blank page. The blank page is not necessarily the problem network of our website, but it can be a search engine. If there is a problem, it will not be displayed. In this case, the logo in the regular snapshot is not even Baidu. In this case, you can search for a piece of text in the content of the site. If you can return to your website page, please try. This link is not a problem, Baidu also correctly quoted the content of this page.
After understanding the source of the blank page, I think the webmaster is more concerned with whether the page will affect the keyword ranking of the site. There is no doubt that this will definitely have some impact. Blank pages have no meaning to the user. No traffic increases the bounce rate of your site and affects the user experience. In this case, the release weight is normal.

Why do corporate websites do seo?

The reason for SEO optimization and optimization is because in the Internet age, search needs still exist. Although the status quo of Internet development has been questioned in many ways, we cannot deny that it is relevant. At least we can’t have any gaps compared to our competitors. To be honest, we have a correct understanding of SEO optimization and optimization. In the fierce competition, we must actively consider all aspects of the situation, we can notice what is very important to us. Therefore, in the process of doing anyone, we should consider these specific situations in a timely manner, and after optimizing the work, I think this is important to you.
The Internet age also comes from the media age. We can see that many people are optimizing and optimizing. Given the current situation, why do everyone have to do this kind of thing, what is the specific reason? Do a good job in all aspects, better understand the overall optimization, let you play a better role, so no matter who we are, we must actively pay attention to it. After all aspects of the content, after all, the optimization work has been done better, I think it is very important for everyone, and now gives you a more detailed explanation, why do you want to do website optimization work website?
The reason for SEO optimization and optimization is because in the Internet age, search needs still exist. Although the status quo of Internet development has been questioned in many ways, we cannot deny that it is relevant. Search requirements already exist, especially as visual content continues to evolve, and search engines are beginning to make new changes that are important and meaningful to us, so whoever does it. You must actively understand these specifics so that we can provide more opportunities, so I hope that you can better understand.
There is fierce competition in all walks of life. In the face of competition, we all want to use it. At least we can’t have any gaps compared to our competitors. Now your competitor is still doing this. SEO optimizes optimization, so you should do the same, if you don’t participate in it, if you don’t participate, then it shows that this has left the search battlefield and then reduced the brand’s exposure for all, therefore, compared to the current market It is very unfavorable because its competitors are still doing this, we must also take it seriously, we must work hard and do better.
To be honest, we have a correct understanding of SEO optimization and optimization. In the fierce competition, we must actively consider all aspects of the situation, we can notice what is very important to us. Therefore, in the process of doing anyone, we should consider these specific situations in a timely manner, and after optimizing the work, I think this is important to you. No matter who, in the face of fierce competition in today’s market, we must actively consider these specific situations, because only when you can do all of this work better, you can do better. result

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