Sun. Nov 1st, 2020

News from around the world

News from around the world

If you prefer your news with an international flavor, check out Table 14.1 for some non-U.S. news services available on CompuServe.

Table 14.1 Good international news services on CompuServe

News service                                              GO word

AP France en Ligne                                       GO APFRANCE for French news

Australian Associated Press                             GO AAPONLINE for Australian news

Deutsche Presse-Agentur                               GO DPA for German news


PA News Online                               GO PAO for U.K. news

Reuter’s Canadian News Clips                          GO RTCANADA for Canadian news

Reuter’s UK News Clips                                 GO UKREUTERS for U.K. news

Televisa Noticias                                         GO TEV for Mexican news

Each of these services provides news in its country’s official language—although I understand that Australian, British, and Canadian English are very similar to the English that we speak here in the U.S.

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