Originality is not just a difference of words

difference of words

Is originality a real word?


Originality is the standard of being new and innovative. A musician who writes a symphony with a car horn and a cell phone shows great authenticity.
When something is real, it is creative and not derived from anything else. It’s fresh.
Originality refers to the quality of being original and new. Inventors are full of originality: they need to think of brand new ideas and products. A great artist is full of originality, especially when it comes to new and amazing types of art. If something is like other things, there is no reality in it. Reality is a rare thing.

Originality is a manifestation of spirit, and the expansion of thinking is not just a difference in words.

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One: Originality also requires quality. Many people have not always understood originality. In their view, as long as it is an original article, search engines will like it, but don’t forget that original articles also need quality and are lost.

Original articles of good quality are not even as good as a pseudo-original article of high quality, and some people just piece together the content in order to “original”, just to pursue differences in words. The true original article is not the difference in words, but the quality. difference of words

Two: Originality is a kind of thinking, why do you write original articles, do you just create originals for originality, of course not? The reason why we pursue originality is to improve our writing ability and force ourselves to learn new industry knowledge and constantly To innovate, rely on innovation and always stand at the forefront of the industry. If you lose innovation, always follow others and follow what others do.

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You will always be a third-rate SEOER, and you cannot be an excellent SEO talent, because your thinking will always lag behind others.

Three: Originality is a kind of spirit. Originality is a kind of spiritual expression. Although originality is time-consuming, originality helps promote the development of the Internet. It is the countless original content that supports the Internet . difference of words

The whole sky, every time I see that my article is pirated, I will feel very sad. Although my original article is pirated again and again, but I will never give up the original, starting from me, starting from each Starting with an original creator, I hope everyone can respect the original and the original author.

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Once again, everyone is reminded that originality is not only a difference in text, but to ensure the quality of the article is the key, so everyone should focus on the quality of the article, rather than “original”, search engines need original articles, but more needed It is a high-quality original article.

The original article that has lost its quality is of no value to users or to search engines. Originality is definitely not a simple text patching game, not to pursue difference, but to provide users with a better experience.