Petition to the Supreme Court for a referendum on the presidential system

Petition to the Supreme Court for a referendum on the presidential system

Islamabad – The country’s presidential system has reached the Supreme Court in the wake of a petition that asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to hold a nationwide referendum to pave the way for the presidential system to be replaced by a parliamentary system.

The request filed by Tahir Aziz Khan, the head of the Ham People’s Party, an unrecognized organisation, said That Prime Minister Imran Khan should hold a referendum with approval from a joint session of Parliament, Dawn newspaper reported.

The petition claimed that the fundamental rights granted to the people in Chapter I and II of the Constitution were affected by the failure of the current parliamentary government to progress in their welfare and in various walks of life.

According to the petition, it is in the interest of justice to give the people a chance to elect the president if they want the government.

“The poor condition of the Pakistani people is a direct reflection of the Pakistani system of government because the parliamentary system has failed and by March 2020 the country’s government debt has reached Rs 428 crore, or $2.56 billion,” the petition said.

The petition criticised the system of changing the loyalty of parliamentary leaders after mentioning the country’s financial burden figures, “who press the government to promote their own personal interests.”

Therefore, for this reason, a healthy opposition and strong government cannot be brought to the fore to take care of the welfare and well-being of the people.

There is no system of separation of powers between the government and the government, and it was considered a major cause of political ization, anti-professionalism, corruption, and corruption, the petition said.

The petition expressed concern over the “normal legislation” and the role of the opposition in the negotiations due to the continued lack of coram in the assemblies.

The petition supported the presidential system saying it was better for the country because it does not require the President to seek the help of Parliament to exercise his powers, which makes decisions in the presidential system faster.

The petition also cited the example of countries that developed by adopting a presidential system, including Turkey, where a referendum in 2017 led to the termination of the prime minister’s post and a referendum for the presidential system.