Playing games on CompuServe

Playing games on CompuServe

Playing games on CompuServe

There are lots of games you can play on CompuServe. Some let you play against the CompuServe computer; others let you play against other garners. To get a complete listing of games and game-related areas on CompuServe, GO GAMES. This takes you to New Game City (see Fig. 17.1), the primo place for all game activity on CompuServe—including an Internet On-Ramp that gives you access to games on the Web.

Parlor and trivia games

The easiest kind of game to play is one that lets you play against CompuServe—against CompuServe’s computers, that is. The easiest type of CompuServe player-versus-computer game is the trivia game. (GO TTGAMES for a complete list of trivia games.)

The easiest kind of game to play is one that lets you play against CompuServe—against CompuServe’s computers, that is. The easiest type of CompuServe player-versus-computer game is the trivia game. (GO TTGAMES for a complete list of trivia games.)

Trivia games test your knowledge of useless information (my favorite type!). Among the trivia games on CompuServe are:

  • Grolier’s Whiz Quiz (GO WHIZ)
  • Science Trivia Quiz (GO SCITRIVIA)
  • ShowBizQuiz (GO SBQ)
  • Stage II—Two Stage Trivia (GO STAGEII)
  • The Multiple Choice (GO TMC)
  • You Guessed It! (GO YGI)

Chief among these trivia games is ShowBizQuiz (GO SBQ), one of the oldest and most popular trivia games on CompuServe. Actually, ShowBizQuiz features more than 75 different trivia games, on topics as diverse as James Bond, Star Trek, Frank Sinatra, the Twilight Zone, the Three Stooges, Fred Astaire, Heavy Metal Music, Leave It to Beaver, the Flintstones, the Jetsons, English Pop Music, the Oscars, and TV Game Shows.

Adventure games

Adventure games are electronic role-playing games. You assume the role of a character in a specific setting, and then you travel around the game’s virtual world, interacting with other characters and in various situations. Some of the adventure games available on CompuServe are:

  • BlackDragon (GO BLACKDRAGON)
  • British Legends (GO LEGENDS)
  • CastleQuest (GO CQUEST)
  • Classic Adventure (GO CLADVENT)
  • Enhanced Adventure (GO ENADVENT)
  • Island of Kesmai (GO ISLAND)


You can type QUIT at almost any prompt to exit from the game you’re playing.

Some of these adventure and simulation games are technically multiplayer games. Although you’re still playing your own game against the computer, other garners are also interacting in your simulation as they play their own games.

Even though most adventure games are text-based, they are some of the most sophisticated games available. Instructions are often quite complex and difficult to decipher.


All online games have their own online instructions, which I recommend you read before you get stuck and can’t figure out what to do!

Simulation games

Simulation games (often called “wargames”) are played in a simulated environment. These games involve strategy and tactics as you plot your moves against both the computer and other players. CompuServe offers the following simulation games:

  • MegaWars I: The Galactic Conflict (GO MEGA1)
  • MegaWars III: The New Empire (GO MEGA3)
  • Air Traffic Controller (GO ATCONTROL)

Like adventure games, simulation games can be quite complex. It’s impera­tive that you read the instructions before you get involved—and you’re probably better off to download the instructions and read them offline at your own speed. (It also doesn’t hurt to print a hard copy of these instruc­tions to keep near your keyboard while you’re playing!)


CompuServe also includes some games that don’t fit into any established categories. Check out Biorhythms (GO BIORHYTHM), Astrology Calculator (GO ASTROLOGY), and Hangman (GO HANGMAN) for CompuServe’s versions of these games.

Playing games with other CompuServers

The next crop of games lets you play directly against other garners through modem-to-modem (MTM) play. When you play MTM games, the CompuServe computer acts as a go-between so you can challenge another CompuServer located anywhere in the world!

There are various places to meet other MTM players to discuss MTM and multiplayer game play, including:

  • Modem Games/Games Challenge Forum (GO MODEMGAMES)
  • Modem-to-Modem Gaming Lobby (GO MTMLOBBY)
  • Modem-to-Modem Game Support (GO MTMGAMES)
  • Multiplayer Games Forum (GO MPGAMES)

Among the many more complex MTM games available on CompuServe are Battleship, Conquest, F-16 Combat Pilot, Falcon 3, Flight Simulator, Popu­lous, Tank, Vette!, and many more.

The best way to initiate an MTM game is to enter the Modem-to-Modem Challenge Board (GO MTMCHALLENGE). The Challenge Board is a world­wide database of CompuServe MTM game players. It is the place to search for other CompuServers who might want to engage in MTM play.


You can search the Challenge Board for MTM players by name, phone number, or specific game titles.

You use the Challenge Board to identify potential MTM opponents. When you choose an opponent, you then invoke the CHALLENGE command. This automatically sends an e-mail message to your opponent, requesting a match. If your opponent accepts the challenge, your game will be played in the MTM Gaming Lobby.

From here, use CompuServe to establish the connection. Then withdraw from CompuServe and run the game with its own communications protocol. When you finish, drop the game’s connection and reenter CompuServe. The whole process is pretty easy if you just follow the prompts CompuServe displays on your screen.

Playing games