PM directs Pakistan Hockey Federation to change the structure

Pakistan Hockey Federation

Pakistan Hockey Federation’s pattern prime minister Imran Khan has directed the federation to change the structure of the national sport to improve hockey standards.

The Prime Minister has said that the number of teams in the National Championship should be reduced and high-quality centres should be built in all four provinces.

This was revealed by Pakistan Hockey Federation Secretary Asif Bajau, who spoke to Dawn on Wednesday, where he met the Prime Minister along with the federation’s president, Brigadier-retired Khalid Khokhar.

Interestingly, despite more than two years of being prime minister, imran Khan’s first meeting with Pakistan Hockey Federation officials and the pattern of the national game is still in the making.

“The Prime Minister has given some instructions for improving the game and has promised full cooperation with the government to bring the game back in the right direction and improve its quality in Pakistan,” Asif Bajau said.

The Prime Minister asked the delegation to present a detailed presentation at the next meeting and to inform them of the changes to the structure after the federation’s constitution was amended, he said.

Asif Bajau said the prime minister was also keen on reducing the number of domestok teams and said that the focus should be on improving the quality of the game rather than numbers.

It is worth mentioning here that the Pakistan Cricket Board, on the prime minister’s direction, also reduced the number of teams at the domestolevel from 16 to 6, which made many cricketers unemployed and forced many players to take up very low-level jobs.

Like cricket, hockey has a large number of teams and if the Pakistan Hockey Federation reduces the number of teams in the Style of Pakistan Cricket Board, many players will be in serious financial trouble.

The Pakistan Hockey Federation delegation told the Prime Minister that the Pakistan Cricket Board receives adequate financial support from the International Cricket Council, so the federation needs the full support of the government to restore hockey, the federation secretary said.

The prime minister urged the delegation to organize the National Championship for players of different ages, Asif Bajau said.

It was clear that the Pakistan Hockey Federation had not received any financial assistance from the federal government for the past three years and that the Pakistan Hockey team had not been able to participate in the World Hockey Federation’s Pro League last year due to lack of funds and was fined $100,000 by the world governing body of the sport.

Several reports were published in the media that the Pakistan hockey team’s participation in the Pro League was suspicious, but no action was taken by the government.

More recently, the Pakistan Sports Board recently removed the Pakistan Hockey Federation from the executive board, taking a big blow and replacing it with football, which does not have any elected bodies at the moment.