Rains and floods in Swat and Kohistan destroy, 14 killed

In different districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, rain and floods in Swat and Kohistan caused havoc, killing 14 people and injuring 8.

In addition, 48 houses were completely and partially damaged, while many people were reported to have been swept by the flood.

According to data released by the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PMA), 14 people were killed in the aftermath of the rain in the Sweat and Upper Kohistan districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The rain killed 8 people in Upper Kohistan, while 6 people, including 3 men, a woman and 2 children, lost their lives in Swat, the PMA said.

According to the authority, 48 houses were damaged in the rain, with 2 houses partially damaged while 24 were completely destroyed.

However, the report did not say about the situation in The City of Chitraal, where the flood situation has caused extensive damage to homes and roads.

Briefing the media about the situation in Upper Kohistan, Deputy Commissioner Upper Kohistan Aarf Khan Yousufzai said that since last evening, the rivers of Sindh and Upper Kohistan have been flooded since last evening, and 7 members of a family were swept away in the relay.

“Our rescue teams and district officials are on the spot, and I’m also arriving soon, which Will be more detailed,” he said.

However, he said it has been confirmed that 7 people from the same family, including women, were swept away in the floods, while 19 houses were completely destroyed.

“The incident took a long time, but the locals also took part in rescue operations and so far, the bodies of 3 people have been recovered,” he said.

Police confirmed the death of 2 people in the mud-to-soil house in Shangla.

According to local police, Farqan and Wasif Khan died when they were in the house when Toda fell.

In addition, Shangla, Basham-Swat and Lynx Road were closed at various places after heavy stones fell, while communication in the district has been cut off.

On the other hand, THE PMA officials said rescue operations have been started in flood-affected areas and stranded locals are being shifted to safer places.

“Our Secretary Relief and Director-General went to the affected spot with the PDMA teams to review the relief work, adding that food and other essential supplies are being provided to the victims,” SAID PMA official Timur Ali said.