Reasons why articles are not included

Articles are not included

what is the reason why the article is not included?

Articles are not included

So, why not include the article, there are roughly four factors.
First, the new station factor can also be said to be a factor of time.
Second, the quality problem, the quality of the article is unqualified.
Third, malicious attacks, malicious code was added.
Fourth, the update problem, the new station update is weak.
Fifth, the entrance problem did not provide enough index paths.
For the above five factors, roughly explain.

The search engine includes a website. The first page is the homepage of the website. The article page will be included slowly after about a week. Of course, a week is only an estimate, maybe two weeks and three weeks, but the longest Not more than a month.

Articles are not included
Articles are not includedArticles are not included

Article quality is also a factor that affects the collection. It is not necessary to ensure how high the quality of the article is, but it must not be a junk article, especially a new site. It is also necessary to ensure the quality of the article. Put the quality of the article in the first place and put The number of articles is placed second.

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If the website article is not included for a long time, it should be a security problem. It may be the result of an attack, malicious code has been added, or the robots file has been modified, black chain has been added, etc. It is recommended to use a security detection tool for detection To determine whether it is a security issue.

Weak website update is also a reason why the article is not included. Whether it is a new site or an old site, we must pay attention to site updates. Some sites are not updated for a week or even a month. The content is seriously lacking. A site lacking content, you let What does the search engine include?

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After the website is completed, it needs to be updated, it needs to be promoted, and the out-links need to be sent out to provide search engines with more index entries. As long as the search engine indexes any out-links, it will be indexed to your website along the out-links to speed up the site’s inclusion. pace of.