Record rise in water level due to heavy rains

Record rise in water level due to heavy rains

ISLAMABAD: After heavy rains across the country on Friday, the country’s major reservoirs filled to their full capacity on Friday, while some rivers witnessed moderate to high levels of flooding.

The Federal Commission for Floods (FFC) and the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) have said that the Tarbela and Mangla dams have filled their total capacity of 1,550 and 1,242 feet respectively.

According to the Dawn newspaper, the FFC blamed WAPDA and the Indus River Authority (IRSA) for effectively managing the inflow and outflow of water in the reservoirs.

The Commission recommended to the authorities operating the dams, including IRSA, Flood Monitoring Cell Mangla and the Pakistan Meteorological Department, that the reservoirs should be taken care of as much as possible and their functions should be better monitored.

On the other hand, the total capacity of Tarbela, Mangla and Chashma was reported on Friday at 13.425 million acre feet (MAF) which is 98.61% of the total capacity of 13.614 MAF and this is the record level of water availability in last 10 years. Is.

WAPDA said that the available water in Tarbela and Mangla dams is 2.173 MAF more than the average of last 10 years, the average level of water availability in both the dams was recorded at 11.163 during last 10 years.

The improved water situation will adequately meet the agricultural needs of the country in the days to come, while the availability of more water in the reservoirs will also generate more electricity.

WAPDA’s hydropower stations have been supplying 8,500 MW of electricity for the past two days and power generation could reach 9,000 MW in the next few days.

The FFD said heavy rains in the upper reaches of the Chenab River caused high flood discharge in Marala Khanki Reach while moderate flooding was observed in Qadirabad.

According to the commission, the Indus River at Tarbela, Chashma, Guddu Sukkur, Jhelum River at Mangla Rasool and Swat River at Chakdara Bridge, the other major rivers Ravi Sutlej are in normal condition.

Due to heavy rains, the upper reaches of the Jhelum River (Kotli, Klar, Palandri, Mangla, Rawalkot, etc.) and Mangla were flooded by 265,000 cusecs on Thursday.

Similarly, a high flood of 34 thousand cusecs was observed in Chenab river at Marala.

It may be recalled that due to heavy rains in different parts of Sindh, especially in Karachi during the last few days, severe urban flooding was witnessed in the provincial capital.