Salman Khan signs deal worth Rs 4.5 billion to host Bigg Boss 14

Salman Khan signs deal worth Rs 4.5 billion to host Bigg Boss 14

The 14th season of India’s most controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ will be aired soon and there are reports that Salman Khan will be hosting the show this year as well. Salman Khan has been hosting the show for the last 10 years and every year he has increased his remuneration as compared to the past. While Salman Khan increased his hosting fee, the popularity and controversy of Bigg Boss also increased every year and the program also set new ratings and earnings records. “Bigg Boss 14” will air on “Colors” TV from October 3, but the list of characters to join the show has not been finalized yet.

It is reported that this time Salman Khan has increased his fee for hosting the program as compared to last year. Last year, he had fixed a total compensation of Rs 403 crore for 26 installments.

According to India Today, Salman Khan has reportedly agreed to pay Rs 450 crore (Rs 4.5 billion) for hosting the show this year, more than last year.

The report quoted Mudda as saying that the domineering heroes would receive a compensation of Rs 200 million per installment this year.

Sources close to Bigg Boss said that if we calculate Rs 200 million per installment, the total would be Rs 480 but Salman Khan’s team has finalized the deal at Rs 450 crore.

Sources said the amount also includes fees for promos and virtual press conferences. He said that the producers are ready to pay this huge compensation because they know that Salman Khan is the main reason for the high ratings of the show. The sets of Bigg Boss 14 have been built in Film City and it is believed that Salman Khan will travel to Gurgaon from his residence every Saturday for the shoot and will spend the weekend in this bungalow exclusively. But it has been built for them. Salman Khan’s contract also includes a special clause regarding the extension of the season.

Sources said that 10 episodes were added in the previous edition of Bigg Boss in which the actor had received Rs 7.5 crore per episode of extended episodes. If the reality show does not end in the agreed 12 weeks, Salman Khan’s team and producers will discuss additional remuneration.

Interestingly, this season will also include influencers on social media, including tick tock stars. Besides, Shahnaz Gul, Siddharth Shukla and Rashmi Desai are also likely to appear in the show from last season.