Sending mail to other networks

Sending mail to other networks

Sending mail to other networks

When you’re sending e-mail from CompuServe to another network such as MCI Mail or AT&T Mail, just add the prefix listed in Table 6.3 to the front of the recipient’s e-mail address, and everything should work just fine. In almost all cases, it doesn’t matter whether you type the address in lowercase or uppercase letters. However, to ensure accuracy, you probably want to duplicate exactly the form you see in this chapter.

E-mail prefixes for popular commercial networks Table 6.3

Network Prefix Example Comments
Advantis X400 X400:ADDRESS Advantis is a network operated jointly by IBM and Sears.
AT&T EasyLink X400 X400:ADDRESS This service was formerly called Western Union 400.
AT&T Mail X400 X400:ADDRESS  
Deustche Bundesposte (DBP) X400 X400:ADDRESS DBP is Germany’s private e-mail system.
Network Prefix Example Comments
lnfonet X400 X400:ADDRESS  
MCI Mail MCI MAIL MCIMAIL:ADDRESS This works with the basic MCI Mail service only. For recipients on MCI XChange 400, see that specific entry.
MCI Mail XChange 400 X400 X400: ADDRESS This works only with MCI Mail XChange 400; for normal MCI Mail, see that specific entry.
NIFTY-Serve X400 X400: ADDRESS NIFTY-Serve is the Japanese sister service to CompuServe.
SprintMail X400 X400: ADDRESS  

When I try to send an e-mail message, I receive a reply that the delivery fails. What’s going wrong?

Many things can cause an e-mail to go undelivered. The most common cause is an incorrect address. If e-mail sent to an x.400 address is undeliver┬Čable, you’ll receive a Delivery Report that lists a reason for the delivery failure. If possible, use the information in that report to correct your message and send it again.

Receiving mail via x.400 connections

Normally, you don’t have to do much of anything Country = US
to receive e-mail from another service. However, ADMD = CompuServe
if someone on a remote mail system is trying to PRMD = csmail
reach you via an x.400 connection (which is a DDA Type = id
common communications protocol used by Sprint DDA Value = youruserlD (with a period instead of a comma)
and other commercial e-mail systems), he or she
has to know the following information to properly
address the e-mail: