SEO books are available free of charge to charities

Aaron Wall has provided his recently revised best-selling SEO books to charities for free.

Hiring high-quality search engine optimization companies typically costs thousands of dollars, far beyond the budgets of many charities.

If you don’t put it right in the search engine, those who want to help your charity may not be able to find you.

SEO Book is a simple and straightforward guide that helps most novice webmasters learn how to promote their website.

β€œIn the field of Internet marketing, there are so many nonsense messages taught by self-proclaimed experts, and it is refreshing to find a person who is as down-to-earth and unpretentious as Aaron. Be honest and help others avoid the traps and dead ends set by hype and snake oil salesmen. ” – Mario Sanchez, “Internet Digest” and

Search engine optimization is a complex industry full of confusion and mistakes. Many of the applicable information changes monthly or yearly, and most of the information available online is outdated or absolutely incorrect. SEO books are published in an e-book format and are therefore constantly being revised to accommodate the ever-changing SEO landscape.

If you are a charity, church, educational institution or webmaster of the open source software website please feel free to check out the SEO books about getting your free copy today at