seo description we can not ignore

seo description

For a description of the website we can’t ignore, we first need to know what the description of the website is. The description of the website is a place to summarize the content of the page. Since it is a summary, the description should be a general description of the page, and if it is a home page, it is more like a general description of the entire station. What can the website display?
But many webmasters like to describe keywords that are too appealing or stacked in the site description. This behavior is currently not affected by the search engine (but does not rule out the future, but the extra points on the page are not enough. When we describe the page, we should especially summarize and summarize the important description of the page.

What descriptions of the site are related to the ranking of keywords? If your site has been completed for a long time, the description can actually replace the participating headline and keyword keyword ranking competition. But your site is new, so the description may not be as effective, but if the keywords are not competitive enough, you can still participate in the ranking of the keywords. But it is mainly based on the content of the page center.

If you want to write a good page description, what we have to do is

1: High page summary, which can further explain the content of the page, without objection to the display of certain keywords. It is also recommended that a small number of interlaced keywords can improve the competitiveness of keywords on the page. However, if you insert a large number of keywords, it will affect the quality of the description.

2: Very original, the description is the same as the article, and requires different content. More relevant to the original content of the topic. This will give you better results.

3: smooth, concise, at the same time, according to the center of the theme

4: The number of words is controlled within 80 characters.