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Social platform xSEO

Social platform xSEO, marketing effect double


Usually people think that SEO is more suitable for B2B, and social platforms are more suitable for B2C, but to a certain extent, the two are complementary, and reasonable use will achieve a very good joint promotion effect.

Nowadays, social platforms are playing an increasingly important role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). How to use them to build SEO and promote participation and conversion in the entire marketing channel? Let’s follow Elva to see what influence social platforms will have on your SEO.

Increase website external links

Sharing your post on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter does not mean that your Google optimization will automatically improve, but it can provide more external links to your website.

For example, if your Facebook post is widely shared, more people will see it. These users may publish links on their external websites that point to your website. If the content is shared in large amounts, usually external backlinks will As your content on social platforms increases, it will help your Google optimization to improve your website ranking.

It is recommended not to focus the external links on a platform or a certain page of the website. The more different platform links are dispersed in your website, the better the effect of different content.

Social platforms help boost brand weight

Social platforms are a very valuable brand channel. The more widely your website content is shared, the higher your corporate brand authority will be.

When you get high attention on social platforms, your brand search will also improve. The operation of any traffic channel will enhance your brand effect and brand search, which are all helpful for SEO.

When customers search for your brand, it can improve your website’s ranking of keywords in search engine results. Social platform interaction is very useful for the website’s search engine optimization results, because it can increase your brand image, which means more searches and better keyword rankings!

Social platforms have their own role in preempting keywords

Social platforms already have the role of preempting keyword rankings, and they are getting stronger and stronger! Why do you say that, the more people use the platform, the greater the influence, so great that search engines have to pay attention to, and the weight climbs quickly. So making good use of it is also a shortcut to increase weight. In addition, there are keywords for content construction.

People don’t just use search engines to find things now. Users can search for tweets on Twitter and discover companies, products, and service providers on Facebook. Instagram is a great promotion platform for fashion, beauty, food, fitness and other industries. In addition to these, YouTube videos also appear in daily searches.

This is why it is important to use keywords to optimize the content of the social media homepage, so as to increase attention and increase the number of articles containing keywords.

If you know how to set up copywriting, there is a small tool that works well-SpyFu. You can use it to look up the keywords of your competitors and see which ones have received good traffic recently.

This will give you a better understanding and help of the process of increasing the exposure of keywords, which will lead to more traffic. You can add such high-frequency keywords on your social platform homepage, introduction, and essay.

Take advantage of local SEO

NAP (name, address, phone, company, etc.) plays a large role in local search rankings. If you can maintain relatively uniform NAP information across all platforms, then Google will consider your company information more reliable. This can be a great help in improving your search ranking in local searches.

Social platforms can help companies establish prestige in a region and occupy a certain geographic market. When publishing content on Facebook and Instagram, companies can insert their own location. Attract more local traffic.

A BrightLocal survey found that 86% of consumers read reviews from local stores / restaurants. Reviews and ratings on your social platform pages will also help you attract more local consumers.

Optimizing YouTube’s impact on SEO

YouTube videos will get quite noticeable place in search engines. Clickable and highly relevant YouTube videos will appear at the top of search rankings. When you search for a keyword, a large number of YouTube videos will appear on the results page in Google SERP, indicating that this keyword is more suitable for ranking YouTube videos.

So optimizing your YoutTube is also crucial for SEO. You only need to use specific keywords to optimize the detailed text and title of the video. Not only can it help you increase exposure on social platforms, but you can also occupy a good position in search results.

You embed keywords in the title and description box of the video, remember to put the website URL in the video description box. This way users can click directly to your website.

Through the above points, you can see that social platforms have played a very important role in the SEO ranking strategy. When you get high attention on social platforms, your brand search will increase, and any traffic channel operation will Improving your brand effect and brand search are all helpful for SEO. (Source: Foreign Trade Cattle Research Institute)

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Social platform xSEO