There are many rules for search engine optimization (SEO). Things like “use meta tags”. (Or: don’t use meta tags), “Don’t use frames”, “Use text links whenever possible”, “Do not use ‘ home’ as a link to your homepage, etc., please click on the ad.

But you know, I don’t care much about these “rules.” For me, the rules are equal “you need to solve this problem”, and website owners tend to feel free to and casually try to solve their search engine optimization problems based on what they read at the time.

This is what I call reactionary SEO, which is evil for me. You are not sure about the problem, find the right solution and implement it. You are just reacting to what others have said.

My first and biggest recommendation for SEO is always systematic. If you realize that your website design needs to be updated, you will never be so fragmentary until it works, you will always take a big picture, do some analysis, and so on.

Ok, today & rsquo;s today is really very deep tips: do the same thing for SEO!

It’s really simple, analyze what you like about SEO for you, figure out what goals your site is currently achieving, and then solve your problem.

What are the rules I mentioned earlier? Great, if you know they will help you achieve your goals. In addition, they only use fluff and rules of thumb when appropriate: