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Visit Que on CompuServe and on the internet!………………………..>

This chapter is about Que’s presence on CompuServe (in the Macmillan Computer Publishing Forum) and on the Internet (via the Macmillan Information SuperLibrary Web site). You can find me and other Que staff members and authors in both of these places. (If you think this is blatant self-promotion, you’re right!)


But first… a little bit about Macmillan Computer Publishing

You might be saying: Wait a minute, what’s this Macmillan Computer Publish­ing outfit? I thought this book was published by Que?

You see, it goes like this. Que is a business unit in a larger organization called Macmillan Computer Publishing (abbreviated MCP). MCP is made up of the following twelve business units, each of which runs as a separate publishing company.

  • Que, the largest publisher in the computer book industry
  • Adobe Press, the official book publisher for Adobe Corporation
  • Borland Press, the official book publisher for Borland Corporation
  • BradyGAMES, which focuses on books about computer games and video games
  • Hayden Books, which focuses on books for creative professionals and Macintosh users
  • Lycos Press, the official book publisher for the Lycos Web site
  • New Riders, which focuses on books about CAD and networking
  • Que Education & Training, publisher of computer textbooks for the education and corporate training markets
  • Sams, which focuses on programming and new technology publishing
  •, which focuses on Internet-related books
  • Waite Group Press, an esteemed publisher of technology and program­ming books
  • Ziff-Davis Press, the official book publisher for Ziff-Davis magazines

All of these imprints are represented in MCP’s CompuServe forum.


Oh, in case you’re interested, MCP is a unit of Macmillan Publishing, which is a unit of Simon & Schuster, which is a unit of Paramount, which is a unit of Viacom. (Don’t worry, I won’t be testing you on that!)

Que on CompuServe

MCP’s CompuServe forum (GO MACMILLAN) is designed to give you access to all the folks who produce our books, including authors, editors, develop­ers, and management staff. Just as the ads in the back of our books claim, you can do all of these things in the MCP Forum:

  • Leave messages and ask questions about Que books and software
  • Download helpful tips and software
  • Contact the authors of your favorite Que books
  • Present your own book ideas
  • Keep up to date on all the latest books available from each of MCP’s imprints

Many of the Que editorial and managerial staff members visit the forum on a regular basis. Personally, I try to check in every few days so I can answer any questions that might come up.

A variety of message sections

As you can see in Fig. 20.1, the MCP Forum currently has a variety of mes­sage sections, broken up by computer-related topic. If you’re not sure where to post a message, try the General section; it provides a good place to start.

What kinds of messages can you expect to see in the MCP Forum? Well, we get a lot of questions about our books, the software in our book/disk prod­ucts, and the software we write about. In addition, we get questions from potential authors who are considering writing new books.


Conferencing with authors

The MCP Forum also holds author conferences several times a month. During those conferences you can “talk” online—in real time—with Que authors concerning their latest books. Upcoming conferences are always listed in the opening notice that you see immediately when you enter the forum.

After an author conference, the SysOp (Systems Operator, the person who administers the daily workings of the forum) generally uploads the entire text of the conference to a forum library file. And just in case you missed out on the conference with your favorite author, you can review the highlights of any conference you miss.

Cool stuff in our libraries

Just as the message sections contain some very scintillating conversation, the MCP Forum libraries contain a lot of neat files. For example, you might find any of the following things in our library sections:

  • Electronic book listings and new book announcements
  • Macros and other application helper programs
  • Shareware graphics and DTP programs and utilities
  • Files and sample code from programming and database books
  • Shareware and freeware utilities
  • Internet programs and utilities
  • Games and game add-ins, including many for EPIC and DOOM
  • Demos of multimedia programs
  • Press releases for new books

In short, there’s a lot of good stuff in the MCP libraries. GO MACMILLAN and check it out!

Que on the Internet

Que and MCP are part of the Macmillan Information SuperLibrary Web site, located at http://www.mcp.cord. Some call it a “supersite” because it has sections for each of MCP’s businesses, as well as for books from other Macmillan publishing groups (such as Frommer’s travel books and Weight Watcher’s cookbooks). As you can see in Fig. 20.2, the SuperLibrary gives you access to a number of neat areas.


From the Super Library, you can…

  • Use New Riders’ Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages (httpi/ to search the Web for specific types of sites.
  • Use the new SuperSeek engine ( to explore multiple directories and search engines.
  • Read the latest copy of the SuperLibrary newsletter (where I write a monthly column called Miller’s View).
  • Use the Reference Desk ( to obtain information about upcoming book releases.
  • Find out What’s New ( with Que and Macmillan.
  • Search the Software Library (httpi/
    for programs and utilities to download.
  • Look for a bookstore near you (­searches.cgi), hotlink to technical bookstores on the Net (http://, or contact our international distributors (httpi/
  • Search the Bookstore ( do-bookstore.cgi) for information on MCP books—and even place an order online if you want.
  • Browse through the personal Web pages of some Que and MCP authors (

In addition to the main SuperLibrary page, you can go directly to Que’s section in the SuperLibrary ( There you can find information specific to Que books, including announcements for upcoming releases.

Your author online

My presence is felt in several places on the Macmillan Web site. First, I write a monthly column for the SuperLibrary newsletter; you can read it online or download it and read it later. In addition, I have a personal Web page (; I hope it’s not too self-indulgent.

Most importantly, I’ve created a special Web page for this book. The Using CompuServe, Third Edition Web page (see Fig. 20.3) is located at http:// This page contains information that’s not in this book, including updates and corrections. I recommend that you check it out.


Finally, feel free to contact me via e-mail. I appreciate your comments about this book (or about anything else, for that matter). Your feedback on the previous edition helped to make this one better.

You can contact me at either of these addresses: CompuServe: 73207,2013 Internet: [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you! 
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