Telenor SMS Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly (Sub & Unsub)

Do you want to activate the best SMS bucket from Telenor SMS Packages 2022? If Yes! then take a look at these Hourly, Daily, 5-Day, Weekly, 15-Day, and Monthly offers and select one from them.

In this article, we are going to post the 2022 latest SMS Packages by Telenor. Take a look at the following charts to get the bundle details. SMS Packages are the basic source to get in touch with friends, classmates, relatives, and close people.

That’s why in every network basic SMS bundles with low prices and maximum volume have been kept. Here we have the latest cheap SMS bundles of Telenor on a daily, weekly & monthly basis.

Telenor SMS Packages List

We have separately updated Daily, Weekly & Monthly SMS Packages of Telenor. This updated list is arranged very carefully so the chance of missing any code is very difficult. Now you can easily subscribe to these bundles depending upon your desire & account balance.

We have 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days SMS packages details. This is the list of all Telenor bundles especially designed for daily, weekly & monthly SMS packages. In these bundles, some packages have special validity of 3 days, 5 days & 15 days.

Daily Telenor SMS Packages

These are daily bundles that are valid for 1 day only. Price, subscription code & status code have been mentioned below:

Daily Messaging

Package Name:Daily MessagingSMS:300Price:PKR 2.5Validity:1 DaySub-Code:*2*2*1#

Daily SMS Bucket

Package Name:Telenor Daily
SMS Package
SMS:240Minutes:NillPrice:PKR 4.78Validity:1 DaySub:*345*116#Un-Sub:*2*2*1#

djuice Karachi Offer

Package Name:Telenor djuice
Karachi Offer
SMS:1000On-Net Minutes:UnlimitedPrice:PKR 10Call Setup Fee:PKR 0.15Validity:1 DaySub:*345*21#Un-Sub:*2*2*1#

Daily Three Ka Scene

Package Name:Telenor djuice
Daily Three Ka
Scene OfferSMS:200On-Net Minutes:UnlimitedOff-Net Minutes:NillMbps:5Price:PKR 13Validity: 1 DayCall Setup Fee:0.15Sub:*345*031#

50 Minutes Mini Budget

Package Name:Telenor 50
Mini Budget

PackageSMS:300Mbps:4On-Net Minutes:50Off-Net Minutes:NillPrice:PKR 15Validity: 1 DayCall Setup Fee:PKR 0.15Sub-Code:*240#

100 Minutes Mini Budget

Package Name:Telenor 100
Mini Budget

PackageSMS:300Mbps:4On-Net Minutes:100Off-Net Minutes:NillPrice:PKR 18Validity: 1 DayCall Setup Fee:PKR 0.15Sub-Code:*050#

3 Days Telenor SMS Packages

After daily bundles, here are the details of 3 days bundles. These bundles are valid for 3 days and have different incentives and price lists.

djuice 3 Day 3 Ka Scene

Package Name:Telenor djuice
3 Day 3 Ka
Scene OfferSMS:500Mbps:50On-Net Minutes:UnlimitedOff-Net Minutes:NillPrice:PKR 34Validity: 3 DaysCall Setup Fee:PKR 0.15Sub-Code:*030#

3 Days All in One Offer

Package Name:Telenor 3
Days All in
One OfferSMS:150Mbps:150On-Net Minutes:150Off-Net Minutes:15Price:PKR 36Validity: 3 DaysCall Setup Fee:PKR 0.15Sub-Code:*345*210#

djuice 3 Day Onnet Offer

Package Name:Telenor djuice
3 Day Onnet

OfferSMS:500Mbps:15On-Net Minutes:250Off-Net Minutes:NillPrice:PKR 36Validity: 3 DaysCall Setup Fee:PKR 0.15Sub-Code:*730#

Super 3 Package

Package Name:Telenor Super
3 Package
SMS:300Mbps:100On-Net Minutes:300Off-Net Minutes:NillPrice:PKR 40Validity: 3 DaysCall Setup Fee:PKR 0.15Sub-Code:*5*300#

3 Day (3/3) Mini Budget

Package Name:Telenor 3
Day (3/3)
Mini Budget

PackageSMS:300On-Net Minutes:600Off-Net Minutes:NillMbps:50Validity:3 DaysPrice:PKR 50Sub:*345*243#Call Setup Fee:PKR 0.15

3 Din Sahulat Package

Package Name:Telenor 3
Din Sahulat
PackageSMS:250On-Net Minutes:250Off-Net Minutes:25Mbps:50Validity:3 DaysPrice:PKR 52Sub:*5*3#Call Setup Fee:PKR 0.15

5 Days Telenor SMS Packages

Special bundles having a validity of 5 days are also present in this list. Complete details of each bundle with their price are mentioned.

5 Day SMS Package

Package Name:Telenor 5
PackageSMS:300Price:PKR 8.5Validity:5 DaysSub:*345*015#

7 Days Telenor SMS Packages

Most subscribed weekly or 7 days validity bundles are also present and completely described in this list of 2021.

Weekly Messaging Bundle

Package Name:Telenor djuice
Weekly Messaging
BundleSMS:1200On-Net Minutes:NillOff-Net Minutes:NillWhatsApp Mbps:100Validity:7 DaysPrice:PKR 10Sub:*2*2*2#Check SMS:*111#

djuice SMS Voice Bundle

Package Name:Telenor djuice
SMS Voice

BundleSMS:700On-Net Minutes:12Off-Net Minutes:NillMbps:5Validity:7 DaysPrice:PKR 12Sub:*345*105#Check SMS:*111#

Weekly SMS Package

Package Name:Telenor Weekly
SMS Package
SMS:1200On-Net Minutes:NillOff-Net Minutes:NillMbps:NillValidity:7 DaysPrice:PKR 16Sub:*2*2*2#Check SMS:*111#

7 Day Mini Budget

Package Name:Telenor 7
Day Mini
Budget PackageSMS:1000On-Net Minutes:500Off-Net Minutes:NillMbps:50Validity:7 DaysPrice:PKR 86Call Setup Fee:PKR 0.15Sub:*345*247#

Haftawar Sahulat Package

Package Name:Telenor Haftawar
Sahulat Package
SMS:700On-Net Minutes:1000Off-Net Minutes:70Mbps:1000Validity:7 DaysPrice:PKR 115Call Setup Fee:PKR 0.15Sub:*5*7#

EasyCard Weekly Package

Package Name:Telenor EasyCard
Weekly Package
SMS:600On-Net Minutes:600Off-Net Minutes:40Mbps:600Validity:7 DaysPrice:PKR 150Call Setup Fee:PKR 0.15Sub:*555*<14 digital code on Card>#

15 Days Telenor SMS Packages

Half months bundles are also launched by Telenor this year. These bundles are not common among users because many people still don’t know about 15 days validity bundles.

15 Day Economy SMS Bundle

Package Name:Telenor 15
Day Economy
SMS BundleSMS:800Price:PKR 17Validity:15 DaysSub:*345*112#

15 Day Messaging

Package Name:Telenor djuice
15 Day
Messaging BundleSMS:3500Mbps:200Data For:WhatsAppPrice:PKR 35Validity:15 DaysSub:*2*2*5#Check SMS:*111#

Monthly Telenor SMS Packages

At last, we have 30 days packages in which various packages are launched by the company. All these are different from each other depending upon their price range and free sources.

Monthly SMS Package

Package Name:Telenor Monthly
SMS Package
SMS:6000Price:PKR 48Validity:30 DaysSub:*345*363#

Mahana Rakhwala Package

Package Name:Telenor Mahana
Rakhwala Package
SMS:3000Mbps:300On-Net Minutes:3000Price:PKR 418Validity:30 DaysSub:*345*30#

Telenor EasyCard

Package Name:Telenor EasyCardSMS:500Mbps:500On-Net Minutes:500Off-Net Minutes:50Price:PKR 450Validity:30 DaysCall Setup Fee:12.5 paisaSub:*555*<14 digital code on card>#

EasyCard Plus Package

Package Name:Telenor EasyCard
Plus Package
SMS:3000Mbps:3000On-Net Minutes:3000Off-Net Minutes:150Price:PKR 800Validity:30 DaysCall Setup Fee:12.5 paisaSub:*555*<14 digital code on card>#

This is the last monthly bundle and after it, the list of 2021 SMS bundles is terminated. Please take a look at the terms & conditions to understand the bundles easily.

Terms & Conditions

The validity of bundles is mention with them.All these packages have their own terms & conditions.We have described the package’s code & price above.All types of government & network taxes will apply.Click here for more details and for INFO & FaQs.

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